Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Thursday, January 23, 2003 ::

So, where did I stop? I broke Anne's guitar. Just the 2nd string. Oh greatness. She wasn't too mad. Not mad at all actually, I had a string to replace it and had it fixed in no time. On Monday Anne, Heather, Rick, Godman, Pantle and Dayton all came over. My posse was here to play Vice City. Anne and Heather were here for probably no reason at all. We didn't play much Vice city, after about an hour and a half we all ran out into the front yard and wrestled. It didn't hurt too much. Just a little. Then my posse left and Anne, Heather and I went out to get dinner, then we came home and wrestled some more. Quite an interesting weekend.

Tuesday, boring. Not too much excitement. Wednesday night I led worship again. By the way, on Monday I broke a string on my guitar. I broke the first string. I spent most of Tuesday trying to get my string back in tune and working. So far, so good. I had a few mistakes. It happens. It kept popping. Long story. Worship, a blast. It was very awesome. Much greatness. Today, a little boring. Studying for two insane tests tomorrow. I can't wait. Tomorrow, two insane tests. BUT, much goodness. I'm going on a date with Anne. Yep, our first. Well, I was going to take her out a few weeks ago, as in the last week of December, but I got grounded. Yeah, it sucked.

God is amazing, isn't he? Such goodness. I'm going to head off now, once again. God loves you all. He really does.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 8:05 PM [+] ::
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