Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Tuesday, February 25, 2003 ::

Ah, Tuesday. So exciting. So we were sitting last night in the house watching it snow. Yep, snowing, again. It's snowed one day out of every week the last three weeks. Have we been out of school at all? Nope, that's because all the snow fell on the weekend and then melted the same day. So last night it snowed and actually stuck to the road. Yep, roads iced over, snow everywhere. We've been out of school for less. Did our school make the closed list today? Nope. So I got to listen to everyone gripe about us being in school. I, myself, griped a little, but it happens. Only first hour.

So I have these extended wear contacts that let you wear them for about week before you must clean them. I just wore mine for a good two or three months straight. So last night I took them out and I was too tired to put them back in. So I left them. This morning I went to put them back in and my eyes wouldn't open wide enough. They hurt quite a lot. Minor details. So I went today without any contacts. Bad idea. I couldn't see and my head started to hurt after awhile. It was quite entertaining. Even to myself. When I played cards in 3rd hour, I just guessed at what was played and hoped I was right in what I played next. I won, somehow.

God is good, isn't he? Yay God. He loves us so much, and he doesn't care what we do. Well, he does, but you get my point. He still loves us and will forgive us. Forgive us and forget our sin. Man, that's one very powerful God. What can I say about God? Nothing to do him any justice.

I should be writting my History paper right now, and I was seriously going to. I have the paper and everything, but unfortunately I rely on the internet for my book and the server it is on is down. Minor details. I'll just take my deduction in points and move on. I'll ace a test and shoot my grade even higher. It's all cake. That's history class for you. I wish I could teach history class because, you know what, teachers of history these days just suck it up. Don't get me wrong, some teachers do a wonderful job, I wish I could meet them. Coach Puckett, my history teacher, is a great guy, but he doesn't teach us at all. He knows it all too, he's very smart. I know he is. He's my role model when it comes to history. He knows the background to it all and even the philosophical parts of history, the parts I get confused on. He's a genius, but he doesn't teach us. He's caught up in the sports. We do worksheets while he does other things, as in search the internet. He jumps in on our conversations a lot because nobody does their work, instead we play cards and do other stuff like that. Very interesting class.

So, yes, I wish I could teach history. I could teach it quite well, I think. I would love to teach the class I'm in now. The best part is that Anne wants to know history but doesn't because nobody has really taught her. So I get to help her out in her history class next year. I wish I could teach her everything I know about history, but that could take awhile. Not to brag, but I know a lot. So, moving on.

My paper will go unwritten for now. That sucks. But like I said, I can catch up. I'll see what I can do. God still loves me. And for those of you who follow my life, I am actually doing my work, despite my usual laziness. Yeah, I'm doing my work in all my classes. I sort of have homework in history, other than my paper I should be doing, but I'll do it in chemistry first hour because I can. So I figure I would turn a new leaf, do my work for once. It's actually not as hard as I thought it used to be. Why didn't I do my work before? Why not? All kinds of pot smokers and such never go to class and don't fail high school, I figure, if I show up for class and do the big projects in class, I can pass with an A. So far so good. But unfortunately I have this new desire to do my work (maybe not a desire, more like a stick poking my brain waking it up) so I figure I'll do it. Trig is actually quite easy and I understand it. Yay me.

Aren't cheesy game shows fun? Like the sappy cheering among team members. And the weird people that argue and such. Nevermind, I just thing they're funny. I'm watching Lingo right now on the Game Show Network. It's interesting. There's one girl on there being really weird. She reminds me of Jesse on the show...Jesse. Hmm...nevermind. Tiff and I like to watch this show called Cram. Its where two groups of two people stay up for 24 hours studying random stupid lists and books that Cram gives them and then the go head to head on the show to answer questions about the stuff they studied while doing stupid things, like crushing Japanese buildings and such. Very fun to watch. I wish we could go on it because it would rock big time. Staying up studying with my sister and also going on a game show. Oh, I get excited thinking about it. I also wish we could go on Amazing Race. We would rock at that game. We would be the comical relief. Oh, now that would be fun. Travel the world in a race with my sister. We would argue a lot but make fun of so many things along the way. If only I was 21 or 18, either way I'm too young. Only one more year til I'm 18! Woopie!

I'm going to bed now. I'm tired and I have school tomorrow. Blah. I get to lead worship tomorrow night though, so I can't wait. And I get to praise God, but I do all the time. And I get to see Anne. Oh I really can't wait to see her. I miss her so much. Oh I'm done with the cheesiness.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 11:28 PM [+] ::
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