Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Sunday, February 09, 2003 ::

I ache so much. There's a long story why, though. I had an interesting night last night. Very fun. But before I get there, let me tell you about the rest of my week.


So. On Saturday I went over to Cheryl's to hang out with Anne for awhile. We had a blast talking to Katie (one of Anne's friends, I bug her about her shyness) and just chillin. Then we went outside with Cheryl and Jimmy to play some basketball. Talk about a hoot. First we played guys vs girls, then it was a game of pig. Unfortunately Anne got all the letters first and I stupidly blurted out, "PIG!!!" She ran over to Cheryl and said, "What do I do now? Do I ignore him until he calls and gives me candy and apologizes a lot?" Well, I gave her candy Friday night so I pulled out my cell phone and called Cheryl's house to apologize. I guess you would have to be there to get it. So after that Cheryl and Anne played one-on-one until they both about collapsed and then Jimmy and I went against each other. Well, we both suck but me more than him. He kept hitting a few short shots and once stole the ball from me, so I just charged at him full speed to tackle him, but I didn't want him to fall on the concrete so I just kinda slid over his back and I fell on the concrete. Oops.

So after that rousing fun, Heather showed up with Joseph and Mike. So then we all kinda ran around outside being goofy...I mean...normal. Then I found out that they were going to go skating. EEK! I couldn't skate so that didn't sound too fun, but there was just enough room for all of us to go. Or was there? Anne had a friend that said she wanted to go and if she went there wouldn't be enough room. Aw, shucks. That meant I couldn't go. Darn. I wasn't too upset. But Anne wanted me to go so we all ventured inside to figure out a plan. See, I couldn't drive or there would have been enough room. So Anne, Heather, and Joe decided on something (I still have no idea what) and left to go get Mary. So that left Mike and I. We talked a bit, but not about anything important. I was just sitting wondering what all the "girl talk" was about. Anne and Heather keep running off randomly to have these "girl talks" and I always worry that it may be about me. Last time it was, but that's just because they were throwing me a party. I had absolutely no idea. They planned it all week. And kept running off. I was so afraid Anne was mad at me. One time she wanted to talk to Heather so she looked straight at me for some reason and said, "HEATHER!!!" in what seemed like an angry tone. I wanted to cry. I just turned to Michelle (one of Anne's friends) and asked her what that was about. She said she didn't know either.

So they chatted about me and then came back and sat down like nothing happened. I really hate it when they do that. So then Anne just asked if I wanted to go see if Mary (yep, same one) wanted to come over. So we headed off, but when we got back (no Mary), Anne gave me a big hug and I just held her for a few minutes. Then we saw Jimmy flashing the porch light on and off really fast like he was trying to get our attention. I had no idea why so we just sat there more talking and hugging. Then he came up and beat on the window. I was a little worried, but he just said he wanted us inside. Still no idea why, but we went in and I was surprised with a party. Oh it was very funny. Cheryl made me a delicious cake that toppled a bit and I got presents. Michelle bought me candy necklases (not knowing the inside joke of me wearing one for two weeks), Heather got me a stuffed little monkey, and Anne got me a capo. That made me the most happy because, well, Anne is Anne and also because with a capo I can play one of my favorite songs, God of Wonders. Oh the excitement

So, back to my story about Saturday. Anne, Joe, and Heather all came back without Mary again and we all decided what to do now. Well, I was broke because, well, I paid for gas to get to Cheryl's and home which is starting to cost a lot. So not only was I not really wanting to go, but I was broke. Well, I wanted to go because I wanted to be with Anne and hang out with everyone else, but I didn't want to skate. I can't skate and it was going to be boring. But Anne insisted. She offered to pay my way, but I don't want to take her money, so she said it was a date. I couldn't say no. I didn't want to say no. I didn't say no. I went. So we showed up at the skating rink and got into the main room. Now, I've been there before in like 5th grade. Yay me. I didn't skate then. So I got my skates and sat down on a bench a little ways over. Joe sat next to me and placed his skates next to mine. Well, I put on my left one, size 12 and grabbed my other skate. Or so I thought. I grabbed a left size 13 somehow. So I woddled my way up to the counter where Anne was waiting for her skates. When I went to tap her on the shoulder (a little game we play) I slipped on my one skate and fell down. Yep. I fell with one skate on. Lame, I know.

So I calamored up and Joe changed skates with me becuase I grabbed his. I put on my other skate and waited for Anne to get hers on. So she got her skates on, and so did everyone else and we ventured out onto the floor. I slid on out there and went to far. I left the little handrail thing. So I tried to scoot my way back over to it and fell down flat on my back. Yeah, so I crawled on over to the wall and stood up. Anne just laughed her head off and so did everyone else around me. EVERYONE. I didn't care. It was going to be a long night with a lot of falls. So I worked my way out of the ring and stood on the side debating on whether or not to take the stupid skates off. I was just about to when Anne grabbed my hand and said, "Let's go silly goose, you can't make my date boring." She suckered me into it.

So I worked my way back out onto floor and sorta slid once again another few feet, but I lost my balance and fell again. So I hopped on up and fell down again. Anne laughed. I wanted to lay there, but the speeding kiddies flying by on rollerblades was a little bit of a boost of encouragement for me to get up. So was my silly goose holding out her hand to help me up. So I stood up again and scooted off once again. I just couldn't get the concept of pushing off on wheels. I mean, you push off on wheels and the wheels just turn while your foot goes up in the air. So mainly just stood there for awhile. Heather used the rail to go around, but I was determined to learn on my own. Thankfully my lovely silly goose never left my side, even when I told her to. She would try to brace me, but I still fell. She tried. Heather and Mike skated around together and laughed everytime they went by and I was laying on my side in pain. I fell a good 16 times by now. Quite a few of the other skaters knew my name because they would skate by and ask if I was okay every time I fell. Poor Anne. I think she was a little embarrassed by me. Well, now that I think about it, she was probably proud of me. I fell quite a lot, but I got back up every time and kept going. No rails or anything. I was determined.

So around 7:30, yeah, I fell about 16 or 17 times in 30 minutes, less than that, more like 15 minutes, I told Anne that by 8:30 I would know how to skate so I could skate with her and not have to worry about falling. It took a lot of work. I fell over and over again. I just couldn't understand how to go forward by pushing with wheels. Anne tried to explain but its kind of a learn as you go thing. Something you don't really explain. So Anne would never leave my side and was always there every time I fell. That's love right there. She helped me up, brushed me off and rubbed my poor little bruises. So she would go next to me and I would talk to her and everytime I talked to her and not pay attention to skating, I would go forward. I have no idea how. Anne and I would talk and skate at the same time. But as soon as I focused back on my skates I fell. Every time. So I just gave up on focusing and told Anne as many stupid stories as I could. She laughed at me and my stories. I had a major blast. So around 8:00 my fall count hit 20 or so and the couples session thing came up. Oooo....

So Anne and I hopped up from the bench and headed out to the floor. I didn't fall down once during that time. I just skated around with Anne holding my hand and talking the whole time. Oh it was so lovely. I can't wait to go back. So Anne and I skated around and after the couples thing we still held hands and thankfully I started to skate without thinking about it. My falling became less and less. Except once when these kids shot right between and I and slowed down in front of me. Now, I understood forward, but stopping was a question. So I could have either A) hit the kids and made them fall, B) stop, or C) just fall and hope not to hurt anything too bad. Well, A was a little mean (more like a lot), B wasn't possible, so C was my choice. I just ducked and rolled to the right and flopped right on the ground. Anne started cracking up laughing. I don't blame her. That made up fall 23 I think. So Anne and I skated around a bit more, me falling every now and then, and I was starting to skate a lot better. That's good because 8:30 was coming up quick.

So Anne and I were still skating around holding hands, and I decided to move towards her to hug her because if it weren't for her, and the good Lord, but I can't hug him, I wouldn't have been there. So I drifted towards her and right when I started to reach around her I lost my balance and fell right down on my back. Oh it hurt. It was a big pain. A big one. That one was probably the worst. I mean, falls 14 and 21 were bad, but that one, number 27 hurt quite a lot. I really wanted to give up and lay there and quit. But Anne just held out her hand wanting to help me up. So I got up and scooted off the floor to a bench to rest. Now, this whole time I've been worried that Anne wasn't having fun. I mean, it doesn't seem to exciting for her, does it? Oh I felt so bad. I just wanted her to have fun. I wanted her to go and skate around and enjoy the night. But she never left me. She was always there to pick me up and brush me off. What can I say?

So we went back out on the floor and skated around some more. 8:30 rolled by and I had picked up skating for the most part. Anne still looked bored and I told her continously to go and have fun, but she said she was having a blast. I know I was. Oh it was so much fun. We skated around for about another 15 minutes and then they did races. I didn't want to race so I went to take my skates back and quit for the night. Anne left hers on because she wanted to go race, I could see it in her eyes. I just knew it, but she never did. Oh well. After the races I TOLD Anne to go and skate and she did, thankfully. She wanted to, but she didn't want to leave me alone. I was fine so she headed off. She looked so fabulous skating around so effortlessly. She looks fabulous all the time. I am so blessed by my silly goose. She's a wonderful child of God and she brings me much inward joy. What else can I say? I just know I can't say enough.

The total fall count was 33. I only have 6 bruises and I had a killer headache after calming down for a little. I have a bruise on my right knee the size of a fist, one on my right elbow the size of bigger fist, one on my right and left hip, both the size of a larger fist, and one on the back of my head somewhere around the size of a skate because I sorta got kicked (on accident) by someone. More like I fell on their skate. My bad. I guess that's only 5. If you count the one on my left wrist because I would always thrust my hands back to catch myself, then the number is 7. The swelling has gone down a little, does that count?

So that's Anne and mine's actual second date. So far both of our dates have been quite interesting. My life can only get better from here. Our dates can only get better from here. The best part about our date is that I came up with a good 5 or 6 sermon things to preach on at church now. Like trust and faith, or determination. I can't wait to speak again, because God loves me and he will do wonders with me. I always can't wait to speak again, or play my guitar. I can't wait to breathe again or see another sunrise. Yeah, its cheesy. But I'm a cheesy guy.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 11:12 PM [+] ::
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