Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Thursday, February 13, 2003 ::

Oh, the craziness. Much craziness. Once again Tiff said, "I'm not going to watch Survivor..." Guess what she's doing. Today was quite interesting, did I explain it already? I woke up at around 7ish, but I have to go back some. Last night I was talking to Danny and he mentioned something about a job at the Muskogee Baptist Association. I thought, I could work there. So I knew I would go there today. Then I saw Cheryl, who works at the MBA and I know the director, Bro. Gary, my biggest bud. I thought I had a shoe in. So this morning I woke up, sang a little song in my head and started getting ready for school.

Now see, last night I told Anne that I wasn't going to study for my History exam. Why study? So I didn't. So this morning in chemistry I studied. Its not like I missed anything, half the class was gone. Today a lot of students were doing job shadowing. Tomorrow the other half of the school, minus us few losers, are job shadowing and there's an assembly for the ladies and there are also like 5 field trips. Yep, I have nothing to do with any of that. So today I opened up my History book and realized that I knew most of it anyway. (I love history, I'm quite studied up on it) So I was ready for the test. So ready and excited, I was just really jittery. Shaking and kicking my feet and tapping my hands. Very excited because I knew it! And I aced the test. Or so I think. I hope.

Third hour we talked about floppy drives, lunch was a little boring, German was, well, germanic, and I didn't want to go to Trig so I snuck into AP English. I was in there like 10 minutes, making funny noises, singing little songs and making jokes with Godman and such. Finally I decided I had to leave so as I was leaving Mrs. Dotson was like, "Why are you here?" I just said, "I'm not" and closed the door. So in Trig we were playing a game where we answered a question on a little dry erase board and I just drew little pictures. Funny little pictures. So cute. Oh my, I just said so cute...

In sixth hour I wrote my daily email to Anne and I played this juggling game on the net. So fun. Seventh hour was the coolest. See, last semester, towards the end, Heather came and joined our class. Not church Heather, Kansas Heather. I never really talked to her much, but today I was sitting by myself, not doing our assignment and she walked up and wanted to join me in our assignment. So she grabbed a magazine, I grabbed a Teen People and we read away. She kept talking though about how she missed her boyfriend. So we talked about him and where he lives, how they met and such and then she talked about her fiance. I was like, boyfriend...fiance...same guy? Yeah, I didn't put them together. Then I realized that the ring on her finger was her engagement ring and she was really getting married. So then we talked about when she's getting married, whether or not she's scared, and such. It was very nice talking to her.

I was going to invite her to church, but its easier to invite people to church when I'm leading worship or something. I don' t know why. I'll invite her for next Wednesday even though I'm not doing anything. Well, I do stuff, but you get my point. God is SOOO good. I love him much. Yay God.

Is it possible to have a "pipe-bomb incident"? I didn't think. I have to go do dishes then I'll finish my rambling.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 9:01 PM [+] ::
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