Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Thursday, February 13, 2003 ::

Okay, so I missed three or four days. My bad, whiners. I still ache so its all cake. And Anne and I are going skating again tomorrow night, the good Lord be willin'. And if mom and dad say its okay. That whole, I'm not supposed to be driving because I don't have insurance thing is a killer. Stupid insurance.

You, know. Its a good thing I haven't been pulled over lately. A) I have no insurance, B) its not my truck, and C) there's probably another good reason but I couldn't think of another. Last night I had the sudden feeling that I was going to get pulled over. Mainly because I was trying to drag race JD, but he zoomed by me because I was trying to talk to him and got beside a really slow truck thing. Very annoying. Stupid slow drivers.

Also last night I crawled under Heather, Cory, Tiffany, Katie and Mike's table while Anne wasn't watching. Then she just walked up and started talking to them like I wasn't ever there. Heather kept kicking me though, so I would hit her in her knee. Very funny. So then Anne was like, "Where's Ben?" and she couldn't find me. Very funny. Major inside joke. Nevermind.

God is good. Very good. I had fun leading worship last night and JD had a very good message. Much goodness. The good Lord was with me last night because I only messed up on one song instead of all of them like I normally do. Yay, God. Okay, I'm going to head off now. God loves you.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 1:50 PM [+] ::
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