Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Monday, February 24, 2003 ::

So last night I must have been smoking something. I had a very weird dream...

It started at somebody's house with Joe, Heather, Anne and I. I was about to leave so Anne walked up to give me a hug. I thought, ah, a hug, just what I need. So then she was like, you better be going, so I left and got in the truck to leave. I looked at the clock and it said "4 in the morning" on the clock. Very strange. So I drive awhile and get to some house that I've never seen in my life. I park in the garage and get out and its as bright as day. As I'm walking up to the house, Anne pulls up in this dune buggy, go cart thing. She jumps out and says, I drove 7 miles to see you, come here. So I walk on over and give her a hug. Then mom walks up and says, we must be going. I just looked at her like, what do you mean. She said, come on, lets go. We're leaving.

I looked at Anne and she just squeezed me harder and mom just kept yelling at me. Then Anne said, fine, just go. Leave. She lets go of me so I walk over to the car and get in. I see that grandpa Larry is driving and he speeds down the hill. He turns into this forest and drives straight through a bunch of trees without hitting them. Then we pull up to the church and I get out and see Anne with her hands behind her back. She's just looking at me like she's really mad. So I start walking towards her and she throws this snowball at me. I just look at her and she starts walking off. So I chase her down and she throws another snowball at me. Then she runs up and tackles me so I knew she wasn't mad at me. Then Bro. Danny walked out and said, come on, guys, let's go. We gotta go to church.

So Anne and I walk in and instead of walking into church we walk all the way around the building, through the classrooms. Finally we get to the back of the sanctuary and we walk in and see Jd and Heather and Jill and Joe all sitting in the corner looking sad. JD looks up and says, have a seat. We're being shunned. So we sit next to him and there are boxes of laundry detergent in front of us. So Jd leans up and grabs a handful and throws some at someone walking by. So they pick up some and dump it on Jd. And then the others do the same. And they disappear suddenly. So I grab some of the detergent and throw some at people walking by, but they don't throw any back. So I grab a box and try to get people to pour some on me. They don't. They just scream, no! So I walk all the way around asking people and finally I just sit the box down and try to get people to trip over it and then I would lunge out and try to get some on me. It didn't work. So I went and sat down next to Anne who had her head on her knees. Then Al Murray, a guy from our church, walks up and dumps it on our heads.

I start to feel really tingly but nothing happens. So Anne gets up and walks off and I get up a little later. I just walk out and everyone is gone. So I look around and Danny walks up and says, come one, we gotta go to church. We walk back in the sanctuary and I sit down by myself. All the old people and me. Then Katie, Charles, Tiffany, and Eric all walk in and sit next to me. I lean over and say, where's Anne? They all looked at me and said, who? I kept asking them and they kept saying who. Then I asked about JD and Jill and they were all like who? So I just got up and walked out the back into ankle high snow. Suddenly I get hit in the head with a snowball. I turned around and noone was there. So I ran over to find Anne, but nothing was there. Then I got hit again and I turned around nothing was there. So I walked around to the side door and I see JD and Jill and Anne and Heather and Joe all walking in to church. I follow them and we all walk in and all the other youth earlier are talking to the guys that walked in, but now noone knows who I am. So they all look at me and I just leave because noone knows me.

So I walk outside and there is snow everywhere, up to my knees. I was like, okay? So then this car pulled up and I waddled over and got in. It was sitting on the snow while I was stuck in it. Weird... So the car pulls off, drives around and then stops at my school. I didn't get why, but I went in. Then Mr. Pemberton, the principal walked up and said, no school, go home. So I walk out the door and the snow is up to my waist. Then Anne and her dune buggy thing pulled up next to me and she says, get in. I'm like, okay. So I hopped in and we drove a little down the road to the gas station. We walked in and we saw her cousin Miranda standing there. She says, you ready to buy the beer? I just looked at them in awe. Then Miranda said, the clerk won't take my id, let me have yours. So Anne reached to give it to Miranda and I grabbed it. It had Anne's picture but it said she was 23. I looked at her and said, you're not 23! She said, oh well, we can't get the beer. So we all walked outside and Anne and Miranda got in the dune buggy thing and she was like, you coming along? I just looked at her and she said, fine then. And she drove off.

So I was left standing all alone. Then Dayton pulled up in this moped thing. He says, wanna ride? I just looked at him and said, do you know me? Dayton says, yeah, ben I know you, do you want a ride. I got on his moped and we started off going supersonic speeds. Really fast and such. So I was like, can you slow down a little. Dayton crammed on the brakes and we stopped on a dime and I flew off the front. Dayton stayed on the moped and I just layed there. Then I stood up and realized that I was up to my chin in snow. Then Anne pulled up in her dune buggy, which was on the snow and said, do you want a ride? I got in and I asked, where are we going? She just shrugged and said, where are we not going? So we drove off and drove around awhile and then we showed up at the house I was at the first time. Anne turned to me and said, you better get going? I was like, okay, so I got out of the thing and fell into a knee deep snow. Then she pulled off. I walked toward sthe house and went inside and it was one massively large room split by a glass wall thing. I went over to mom and asked, what are you doing? She said, waiting for your procedure. I was like, what procedure? She said, did I say your procedure? I meant your friends procedure. Then I said, well my friend's mom says I'm leaving.

So I walked out and it was snowing lightly and I went over to the garage and got in the truck. I looked at the clock and it said, "8 in the afternoon". 8 isn't in the afternoon, but okay. So I started backing up and then this garbage truck hit the truck I was driving. It spun the truck around so I got out and walked over to see what happened and the garbage driver started waving at me and giving me the thumb's up. It was Jd. I just looked at him and he drove off. So then Anne pulled up in her dune buggy thing. I said, where'd you go? She said, I didn't leave, I was always here. I just blurted out, you just pulled up! She turned and said, no I didn't. I just got here. So I just looked at her and got in the dune buggy. It was lightly snowing by now. So we started driving and we went to a marina thing. She pulled up next to it and said, well, you better get out. I just said, why are we here. She said, you needed to go by here so get out. I got out and walked over to the marina and got in a boat. I sailed around this little land thing and then I saw the school with a dock coming out of it.

So I docked there and went into the school from the side and I saw Pemberton again. He said, no school. Go home. So I turned and walked back out the same door but I walked out to the front of the school into knee deep snow again. Then this semi pulled up and some guy I didn't know at all asked if I wanted a ride. So I got in and he just drove off through the trees also and I was like, okay? Then suddenly he stopped in a forest and said, here's your stop. So I got out into ankle deep snow and just stood there. Then Anne pulled up again and said, get on in. I said to her, where are we going? She said, where are we not going? I got in and we took off driving again. Suddenly Anne leaned over and gave me a hug. I was like, the wheel, you need to drive. And Anne just said, nah, we're fine. We were floating again in the air through the trees and such. Then Anne let go and was like, here we go. So we pulled up to the church and we got out. Then I bent down to grab some snow and Bro. Danny walked out and said, come on guys, let's go we gotta go to church. So Anne and I walked in the door and all the youth were standing there. They all looked at us and Jd said, you bought beer. I yelled out, I didn't buy the beer! It wasn't me! Then Jd said, why didn't you stop her? I was like, I couldn't. They didn't buy beer anyway! Then the youth all started throwing snowballs at me again.

So then the youth all started marching through the hallway chanting "Beer buyer! Beer Buyer!" I looked at Anne and I was like. I didn't buy the beer. And she said, I didn't buy the beer, you did. Then I was like, I didn't buy the beer. She said, you have a 12 pack in your back pocket. So I looked back and I saw a 12 pack in my back pocket, two rows of 6 beers with a handle in the middle. It was very tiny. So then I was like, I didn't buy the beer. Then the youth walked by again chanting, "Beer buyer!" Then they walked off and I turned to the door and it was packed with snow up against the door. And you know how frost gets on the door? Well, the door had some on it and it had "I love you" written on the door. I turned to Anne and I said, I didn't buy the beer. Did you write that? She said, yes you did, maybe I did write that. So I asked, did you? And she said no. Then she opened the door and said, hey look, snow bunnies! Then she ran out the door and went chasing bunnies. Then the youth walked by again chanting, "Beer Buyer!"

Then I woke up. Weird dream, or what?

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 11:34 PM [+] ::
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