Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Monday, February 24, 2003 ::

Wow, its almost been a week since I've posted. Why? I don't know why. I guess I'm just stupid like that. Cobb blocked blogger from the school server so I can't post from there anymore, and he also blocked the juggling game I have linked to on the side. I mean, come on, I had the 6th high score on there and I was shooting for first until the commie blocked it and now I can't play it anymore. Not that I'm complaining....okay, I am. Argh.

So here comes the time I post about last weekend. Now what happened exactly? I don't quite remember Saturday, sorry. Oh, the youth went to a youth rally in Checotah. Much fun. It was a true love waits rally. Yep, for those of you who remember true love waits from the 80's, its still going strong. Plus the NSU BCM worship band played at the rally, man I miss going to NSU on Monday nights. That was always fun. It happens.

Sunday was quite interesting. Yep, it snowed again. Second Sunday in a row. What can you expect in Oklahoma? Service was good, normal as usual, but Sunday afternoon was a hoot. Anne, Heather and I all went out in Cheryl's front yard in the pouring snow to shoot a movie for Muskogee High film festival. It was interesting, I got to move Larry the dragon. It was a movie made of still objects that we moved like a clay-mation movie. You'd have to see it. Very nice. And fun. So we showed up for church late, as did JD and Jill but that had travel problems and church was cancelled for the night. Oh well.

Monday was boring, it was a Monday, come on. Tuesday, boring. I can't remember much of the week. My bad. So long ago. Wednesday was alright, church as normal. I lead worship, to my surprise. I thought JD was going to lead, it happens. So I messed up the songs, as normal. And I found out that JD wants me to go ahead and lead worship every Wednesday night. Yeah, that's exciting. I mean, I love leading worship, but I mess up so much that I think the youth get annoyed of me. Oh well, its for God, not them. God is so good. I mean, I love God and all his wonderful things. JD is such an encouragement, he's always willing to talk and help me out. Very talented man. God is quite amazing. Incredibly amazing. My prayers have changed after reading Psalms in my devotions and I have to say I like the change. It's very nice, very encouraging. I seem to encourage myself, not to brag or boast, but I like to see where I've been and where I'm heading for some what. Very fun. Yay God.

Thursday was a little frightful. I found out in German that Muskogee High had a "riot" at school. I have no idea how it happened or how long or how bad it was, but Frau wondered how dad was doing because he's a teacher there and has to break up fights. Yeah, I got a little worried after that. I mean, my father in a big riot trying to break it up. Ha. Then knives were mentioned and riot police and then the rumors got so out of hand that I gave up on listening to them. In fifth hour I was talking to Byers and he asked if I heard how Anne was doing. ANNE!!! Oh my, I really freaked out after that. What if she was hurt, what if she was in the riot thing. I had no idea. So to get my head off of worries I started doing my work in Trig. Yeah, I did my work. Its a new thing I'm trying. So I was freaking about Anne in sixth hour also when mom called my cell phone looking for Tiff and told me that dad found Anne and she was safe. I still worried though. Anne was safe, but what about the other people in my youth group, the entire youth except me and Katie. Very scary. It happens. Oh I miss Anne....

So on Friday I showed up to Chemistry after a night without studying for my History exam second hour and I talked to Anne a little, and Mrs. Goodspeed told me that I had to do a vocab test before the hour was over. Well, crap, I was going to study for my History test that was crammed of essay questions. Oh well, my stupidity, I'll study for chemistry and wing my History test. So I picked up my book and flipped to a random chapter. Chapter 25 came into view. Super, sounds easy. Nope, 45 words. I had to study 45 words. So I studied and studied and finally quit long enough to look over my History test. I flipped through that, wrote down some notes and just took a mental picture of my study sheet and went back to studying my chemistry. With two minutes left I asked for the test and hammered it out in 20 minutes easy. Surprisingly I think I only missed 3 out of the entire 45. Yay me. Woot.

So then I walked into History just 15 minutes late and picked up my test for that class. All three essays. Woopie. So I started writing like crazy and tried to make up some time. My mental picture of my paper did quite well although I rushed the whole test. I doubt I did so well. So the class ended and I still had some questions to finish so I stayed after a few minutes to finish up. Well, Pucketts next class came in and turned the radio on to country. Oh my, I couldn't handle it so I had to leave. I finished my test really fast and went to third hour where another quiz thing waited. I had enough, I refused to do that one. Okay, not for long though. I did do that quiz really fast and then we played cards the rest of the hour. THEN in German, I walk in and there's another test. This one was also vocab. So I crammed again as fast as possible for this one and I only missed one because I spelled it wrong. Yeah, stupid me. Especially since the words were listed at the bottom of the page. My bad.

Trig was just as exciting as normal. I did my work. Yep, I know, I scare myself. I did my work again. In sixth hour I messed around with the web page called soda constructor. I had messed with it before but this time I found something new to do. I made a net. Its quite neat. Oh, its hard to explain, but its pretty. Seventh hour was just as exciting, I made it to that class late also, I joked around with my friends, as usual, and then I started reading West Side Story. So far I like it. Maybe because its based off of Romeo and Juliet, my favorite book, play, musical, whatever it is. I love it. So I read that then I ventured home. Home, eh, its home. Pretty boring. Then I went to church because we were having this dinner thing. I went my parents because its easier than driving myself. I showed up and noone else was there so I went upstairs and played JD's guitar. Anne and Heather came up after a while then headed back down. I went down later and saw them and Tiffany just sitting in the hallway. Anne looked sad so I figured something not so good happened. We were there quite awhile and we joked around, as usual. Everyone else ran off to eat but I stayed back with Anne because, come on, I can't just leave her. I'd rather not. It's Anne. So I stayed and chatted with her for awhile and then I headed off to get something to eat before it was all gone. I ate and left after the conversation at my table drifted off into OU and OSU.

Oh I found Anne asleep. She looked so precious just laying there that I just laid down on the floor next to the bench she was on and played with the bread I grabbed for her at dinner. She woke up, we chatted some more and then headed in to fellowship hall for the rest of the dinner. They were playing the Newlywed game with JD and Jill, Jimmy and Cheryl, and Richard and Barbara who have been married quite some time. It was pretty funny watching Jd and Jimmy come up with answers that weren't too troubling. Richard didn't care, he just put anything down. After a while I got a call on my phone from Anne's mom asking her to call her mom back. So I got Anne to call her back and went to watch the rest of the game. After a few minutes Anne wasn't back so I ventured out to find her. Well, I did and we chatted some more. Then we went back inside and watched this interview Bro. Danny did with Wilmer and Magadalene, my old friends from my youth. They're like 80ish and have been married 67 years. Quite amazing. The best part was that Wilmer kept rambling about all kinds of things and Magadalene would correct him when he was wrong. Oh it was so funny. It just made me wonder what Anne and I would be like if we got married. I have a feeling we'd be just like them. I'm not complaining.

Saturday? What happened Saturday? I don't remember. Let me see if I can remember. Oh, yeah. I was going to go over to Anne's in the morning to teach her some guitar things. Well, I stayed up late Friday night and didn't go to bed until like 2 in the morning, but Anne and Tiffany stayed up a little later and didn't wake up until 2 in the afternoon. So I was going to go over to Anne's in the morning, which I thought would be around 11ish. Nope, morning to Anne was 3 in the afternoon. So I went over around 3 and then we stayed there for a little while and then went to Anne's house to get her guitar and clean her room. I was a little tired so while Tiffany and Anne cleaned her room I just layed on the couch and watched TLC with Anne's mom. Man, she is funny. So fun and weird. It happens, its in the family. All the chocolate and stuff. So we left there around 5 30 and then went to Cheryl's to get Heather and go play tennis. Now that was fun. Anne and I played for awhile, but Anne seemed quite angry so we left and went to the mall. I worry about her sometimes, I want her to be happy and I worry when she looks sad. I'm afraid its usually my fault. Yeah, I'm stupid.

So then we went to the mall and walked around awhile before heading back to Cheryl's to watch A Beautiful Mind. Good movie, but we didn't get to watch it at first. Jimmy was watching tv in the living room and the only other tv was the one in the kitchen and the one upstairs. Well, Cheryl didn't want guys and girls upstairs alone so Heather went upstairs to tend to her things and Anne followed. I was afraid to begin with that Anne was mad at me, but when Heather and her disappeared I was sure of it. So I sat in the kitchen for a few minutes, more like ten, and when neither of them came downstairs I decided to leave. So I wandered outside to the truck, but I just couldn't leave. So I sat on the hood and looked at the stars. After a few minutes Anne came out to find out where I went and then we went inside and talked some more. Then Heather came back down and we wound up watching the movie in the kitchen thing. Very fun. Interesting, but fun. Anne rubbed my back, which I adore so much. It feels so good.

So then on Sunday I woke up to mom telling me that we were only going to Sunday school and not staying for church. I was a little upset by that, I like church and worship and such. But when they said that I couldn't ride with Heather home I got a little more upset because they said the weather was getting bad. So I went upstairs late because I was helping dad and then we left early so I didn't really get to see Anne and talk to her. And then we didn't talk Sunday afternoon and we didn't go to church Sunday night because it was cold and mom didn't want to get out. So I didn't get to see Anne much at all on Sunday. We talked a little last night, but not much.

So then today I just finished up my chemistry work in first hour, watched a movie second hour, got lectured in third hour, watched Rick play cards at lunch, read a story in German, did more work in Trig, finished my net thing sixth hour, and then seventh hour I did my work in English and then went to the Academic team meeting after school. I came home, played my guitar a little, played a game on the computer, watched some tv, did dishes, and now I'm posting on the computer. Woo, lots of fun. I miss Anne a lot though. Quite a lot. I might go call her in a little bit. Eh, she'll call me, hopefully.

Sorry about all the craziness of this post, just some catching up and talking about how much I miss Anne. It happens.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 8:53 PM [+] ::
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