Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Tuesday, April 08, 2003 ::

Hmm...only missed another two days. Not my fault though, I can't post from school and the computer at home has been on the fritz, but thankfully Houseboy Coko came to the rescue. And I'm exhausted. I'm not sure why. Could be my mono, could be my anorexia, could be I'm just tired. You don't know these things. School keeps getting boring. You know how that goes. Sunday church was sunday church. Played Uno with the gang and some other card games, then helped Cheryl at the church to get ready for the Easter play. Yep, Easter's coming up.

I'm so exhausted and I don't want to go to school tomorrow. Because its school, I'm not supposed to want to go. If I could just skip chemistry it wouldn't be so bad. But Mrs. Goodspeed and her ramblings and not-so-good teachings, its insane. Makes no sense. Have to teach myself. And everybody knows I don't want to do that. School is alright though. Especially since I have encouraging teachers. Like Mrs. Scott who tells me everyday that I'm a genius and I should at least try at something. Or Mrs. Dotson who tells me everyday that I'm a genius and if I only had energy and put an effort into something it would be scary. I could do brilliant things. Heh. Yeah, sure.

Then there's Goodspeed who tries but confuses me with her craziness and her cheesiness. That's pretty bad cheese. And coach Puckett who doesn't really care all that much it seems. He hands us worksheets and lets us go on our own for a week, then we take a test and do it all over the next week. Cobbins isn't so bad, if only he'd also try to teach. Our A+ class gets the shaft it seems. He doesn't really teach in there anymore and just lets us run on auto-pilot, which everyone should know students don't have. However, if it weren't for my A+ experience, I couldn't have been able to fix our dear computer and would have to broken down and admitted to dad that I did something wrong and the computer was broken. Now whether or not I broke it is up for discussion, its just easier to take the blame than accuse someone else. Get my drift?

Frau? She's okay. Makes teaching seem easy and teaches quite well, but you know how it goes. Her class is quite easy and she doesn't really challenge us much. You know how that goes. Mrs. Scott challenges me a lot and that's good, and her class is hard and all, but still you get the point. A blow off class it seems. Don't have to do homework. Just sit around and soak up the knowledge. Back to Cobb in sixth hour. Not much of a class there. Just a major blow off. Don't do any work at all, if I have any at all. I pretty much just roam the hallways and bug the secretary, Sharee. And now I help Mrs. Scott grade papers because she's quite cool. Reminds me of Mrs. Davis from middle school. Very cool teacher outside of school. Much goodness. Hmm...a pair. Then we have Mrs. Dotson pulling up the end of the day. Oh my that class is very weird. A few misfits and a few just ole weird people. We talk all the time and don't ever really do any work. Mrs. Dotson doesn't like that too much. DO YOUR WORK, DANGIT!! is her motto. That's where I got the inspiration for my student council election motto, I BETTER GET ELECTED, DANGIT!!

Yep, I'm running for student council again. Who cares if I lose? Not me. I didn't care last year and if I lose this year, no biggy. Let me lose. More power to whoever wins, either way I wouldn't do much good for the school. You know how it goes. Well, I'm tired so I'm going to go to bed and be a good little student. Have fun, cyberworld.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 11:33 PM [+] ::
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