Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Wednesday, June 25, 2003 ::

My email to Anne says it all about my day...

So I was sitting on my bed last night, determined to study for my history
exam. That's why dad yelled at me last night for being on the phone, I had
to study for my exam. I didn't anyway. So I was sitting there, getting ready
to pick up my bag and I sorta leaned over and put my head on my pillow. The
next thing I know I hear Tiff's alarm go off and its 5:00 in the morning.
Not good. So I figured I could have moved then, studied for two hours and
would have been fine. Nope, I still layed there. What seemed like a few
seconds later, I heard mom get up and let the dogs out and I figured it was
around 6:00. So I COULD have gotten up then and studied, but instead I just
layed there some more. Then I heard dad leave and I knew it was 7:00. So I
finally got up and started getting ready for school, then mom came and
rummaged around my room for a bit, then she left and I remembered that I had
to study. HAD TO. So I picked up my book around 7:15 and started studying.

I got in a good half hour of studying then I remembered that I had school to
go to. So I put my book up, finished getting ready for school, threw on a
few shirts hoping at least one was clean, and ran out the door. I got in the
truck at 7:50. Just a mere 10 minutes left to get to school, sweet, just
enough time. Then I remembered that I had to get gas. DOH! So I made it to
the gas station, pumped my gas and started back to school with 1 minute to
go. I gave up and while I was pulling out of the gas station I then also
remembered that I forgot to grab a household thing like soap to test in
Chemistry. DOH! So I sped to school, hopped out of the truck, walked (me?
Run?) to class and scooted in only 5 minutes late. Thank you, thank you. But
I discovered that that was my 6th tardy. That's not good. My bad. I feel
some trouble coming.

So Goodspeed asked me what I brought and I told her I didn't bring anything.
She told me that I'd get a zero. Then I felt in my pocket and pulled out my
handy-dandy Tootsie Roll Pop. Yes, she agreed to let me test it so that I
wouldn't get a zero. Then I was showing Adam what I brought and we tried to
figure out how to crush it so that it would dissolve without getting the
chocolate everywhere. Then Adam just grabbed the stick and slammed the
sucker against the table. It broke apart instantly and a huge chunk went
flying across the room and slid to a stop about 20 feet away. All the girls
over there were looking at it trying to figure out what it was. I just
calmly walked over, picked it up and said, "That's my project thank you."

So I grabbed a chunk that didn't have chocolate and ground it up in my
mortar and pestle thing. It worked beautifully. So then I dumped the powder
stuff in some water and let it dissolve and tested its pH (that was our
project). Surprisingly the solution had a pH of 3.5 which meant it was very
acidic. Everyone was astonished. I just knew it was special because it was a
gift from my silly goose.

So then we tested normal cleaning stuff like bleach, dish soap, ammonia. I
tested some vinegar while David tested ammonia. They both were quite acidic.
Then we both mindlessly poured our solutions down the sink. Two acidic
solutions in a sink, not good. Suddenly this smoke started pouring out as
they mixed and we were freaking out running water down the drain to get it
to stop. Then Goodspeed walked by! We were like, just cleaning up. She just
nodded and smiled.

So then Adam was testing another ammonia solution and it spilled all over
the lab table. Once again we frantically tried to clean it up while
Goodspeed walked by and didn't notice, thankfully. It was hoot. What did I
learn? Not much. Acids smoke in a sink drain and ammonia stinks horribly

My test in history? Just fine. I knew everything on it and I think I did
well. Yay me. So far, just another day.


God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 2:31 PM [+] ::
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