Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Monday, November 03, 2003 ::

Okay, so the whole wreck thing kinda messed things up for a few days. I'm like so into driving right now because I seriouslyam afraid that everyone is going to hit me. Its getting better though. I had to work Thursday night and my arm hurt so much but I still had to do all the work stuff. And on top of that a serious mental breakdown was on the edge of reality. I made it through work though and Friday at school. I finally got to see Annikins Friday night (I saw her Thursday also, she came to see me at work) and we just hung out. We had plans for a date, but she just wanted to be with me. So she came over and we chilled at the house on the couch. Then we went and ventured out on the town. Mainly to Braum's for dinner. While we there I asked Anne what she wanted to do and she said, "I just want to go back to your house, watch a movie and cuddle with you."

I was like, OKAY!!! So we snuggled on the couch and cuddled and such. Very much fun. Saturday morning I had to work (blah) but then Saturday afternoon Anne came over and we sat on the couch all afternoon watching cartoons. Then we left because a lot of people came over to have a party at my house. We went driving around and stayed at Braum's for almost two hours it seemed and talked about all kinds of stuff. Then we went back home and laid in the back of my truck and talked some more. Hmmm...interesting conversations.

Then she had to go and I went to go help Wendy with her flat tire. That was interesting. She had a big fatty speaker on top of her spare so I had to move that. And then I got the tire, then I got the old one off, new one on and she was on her way. First she suggested that I beat the woman who hit me with a tire iron (as long as it wasn't aggravated). Wendy is funny.

Yesterday was church. Anne and I hung out at Sophia's house and Annikins cooked me lunch. We had pasta and rice. Oh it was awesomely good. I pray that we get married because she is super awesome. She wants to be a housewife and I have to say that she would be so good at it. I mean, she is so awesome. She even wants to cook for me when I head off to college. We were getting her groceries (its a long story) and I was like, "I'll have to go and get me a lot of microwave dinners for college" and she goes, "Nah, I'll cook for you. It'll be good practice." Oh she is so awesomely cool.

So then last night we drove around a little and then we talked out in my driveway. More interesting and awkward conversations, but its okay because we communicate. We have this dating thing down. We talked about Haley and I admitted that I never really stopped liking her, but later I realized that I don't like her in a dating way anymore. The only girl for me right now is Annikins and I hope that she knows that. I mean, I really do love her and I wouldn't pass her up for the world (unless the good Lord tells me to, but I do believe that we are in his good plan).

Oh so awesomely cool. Anne is so super. I can't wait to see her tomorrow and then talk to her on Wednesday because we have so much to talk about. I have many things running through my head that I wish I could tell her. Like right now. I want to call her and talk to her forever. And ever. And always. Oh, Anne rocks.

So does God. God rocks more. God rocks my world.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 10:46 PM [+] ::
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