Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Tuesday, January 20, 2004 ::

I smell like work. It's horrible. I'm so tired. I'm pooped. I can't sleep lately and I woke up early to go get my radiator flushed, but I didn't get it down because the engine has to cool. Yeah, I know. Doesn't make sense. Just kidding, it really does. I never would have thought about it. Good thing Anne's dad told me that.

Work was okay today. It was like a little social club, with no customers. We had the radio blaring punk music stuff and had the tv going in the kitchen with American Idol playing. Not the best show around, but provided us with some laughs. I was training Clint tonight, but I will never train anyone ever again. Its horrible. I don't know how to train someone. I just know how to do my stuff, not teach it. Oy vey...

School Plain as ever. Just school. Stupid school. Just kidding. I just wish it was over. All the school. High school, college, all of it. And work. I wish I never had to work again. I wish I never had to worry about anything and could finally just live. LIVE I SAY!!! I'm tired of worrying and stressing over stupid things. I think I'm going to cry and I have absolutely no idea why.

I'm stupid like that. See, more worries.


God is good.

:: Ben 9:35 PM [+] ::
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