Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Tuesday, February 17, 2004 ::

Okay, so its another week gone by, a sorta blah week, but a wonderful weekend, that at the time looked dreary. I made the best cookies for Annikins on Friday (except my mom ate them all) and we had a sorta date. We went and watched "Cheaper by the Dozen" and then I cooked her dinner. It was good, but she wasn't feeling good and was tired and a little cranky.

Saturday Anne came over at 7 in the morning and we watched cartoons all morning and ate cheerios and marshmellows and ice cream. I would have enjoyed it more, but I was tired. So then my parents went and bought more furniture so Anne and I got to move furniture around. Then we went and ate pizza, which was quite delicious, but made us awfully sick. Then I had to go to work. So I went to work tired, stomach ache, and I was missing Anne. I didn't want to leave her. Then suddenly she shows up and gives me my present at work. A car stereo! I KNOW!!!!

So when I got home, what else would I do but try to hook up my stereo. Well, I got the trim off, and the old stereo off, but then I saw that I had bare wires on one end and an adapter on the other. And to top it off, the truck is an '86 and the wires inside are technicolor. It was scary. So I resorted to wait.

Sunday Anne and I went to Sunday school but after that we went to Tulsa with Jack, Tyler, and Ethan. We went to the Darryl Starbird's Hot Rod and Car show. And you would not believe the beautiful cars they had there. Gorgeous '56 Bel-airs along with several '66 Mustangs, Anne's almost favorite. It was so much fun hanging out with Jack, looking at cars. Then we went to the Monster truck show! Oh man was it fun. Loud engines, cars being destroyed, all the great stuff.

So then when we got home that night, Jack looked at the truck and told me to get an adapter to connect to the one in the truck and that way all the colors are the same. Cool, huh? So yesterday afternoon I went to SoundWorld and got the adapters, went home, hooked it all up and....nothing. It didn't work. I checked everything I could and nothing worked. So I called Jack and he looked at it for me and all it was was a burnt out fuse. Except it took us about an hour to figure this out and another hour getting the fuse and then another hour listening to the rockin' stereo and then I came home.

Now my old speakers are crap, but Anne gave me her old ones or whatever, they were new, she just didn't need them. So I came home and hooked those bad boys up. Which was a little interesting also because I had another stupid adapter in the way, but I just cut it off. I know, but it works. So now I have rockin' speakers, a rockin' stereo and an old dead battery. All the lights and such killed the battery so now its charging. I should be at school right now, but I have to charge the battery. It happens.

Anyway, that's my weekend and a little bit of my week. And I did my bible study this morning and read about Abram in Genesis. Now, what did I learn? You must bless God and thank him for all of your blessing. Don't just take what God gives you, but thank him. Bless him back so he will bless you even more and you will grow closer to him with all the blessing ancl such.

Just remember that God is good. So wonderfully good.

God is good.

:: Ben 9:02 AM [+] ::
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