Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Monday, April 05, 2004 ::

Well, its been a few days again. Sorry. I don't know what to say. I mean, a lot of things have happened since the last time I posted. Like the Watermark concert and just having lots of fun. Golfing also. Don't know where to start.

First, the Watermark concert was awesome. Let me back up.

I lost my job. Bernie fired me because I didn't wear my work t-shirt. Lame excuse if you ask me. Anyway, I just lost my job. I don't miss it at all. I miss the people I worked with. All the friendships I made. But the job. The cooking, the cleaning. Nope, not at all. The money, yes.

So then I saw this poster for Watermark concert. Watermark is Anne's like most super awesome favorite band. We heard them a long time ago, two years, at Freedom Live. I may have a post on it somewhere in July of 2002. Anyway, so I saw the poster and told her about it. Then we had a date. However, then I lost my job. Boo. I couldn't buy the tickets. So I told her that it was looking bleak if we could go, but I got paid for the few days I worked before I got fired early and bought the tickets the day before. Oh, the concert was awesome. The woman that sings is from my town and she has such a beautiful voice. Her husband plays with her and they harmonize like noone's business.

So, that was like super fun. And Anne and I have been still hanging out a lot, even though neither of us have much money. Boo. And the other night I found out that I have a nickname. Its Garth. They call me that at Anne's house because I play guitar a lot. Its kinda neat, a little weird. Actually, Anne and I have been hanging out a little too often. I even let her cut my hair. I KNOW!!! Bad idea. She did a good job cutting it (her first time, mind you), its just super duper too short. She has tiny hands. Oh well, I was a little upset at first because it was so short, but now I'm okay with it. Hair grows back I guess. Well, I know it does. heh....

I feel like a little mechanic lately. Pa and I fixed the lawn mower a few weekends ago and its all running fine and nothing flies out of it hitting people and such. And a month or so ago, I installed the nice pretty super awesome stereo Anne got me for Valentine's day. And now I fixed an accelerator cord. Sounds easy, but its not. I was just driving along Friday night, cruising down the road, and the gas pedal went limp. No reason. Just didn't want to work. So I pulled over after coasting a ways, and discovered the pesky reason. Its a long story, but I found out what was wrong. So the next morning I went to the auto parts store and they told me that they were "easy to fix." Exact words. So I drove my mom's car back to the truck and looked for my pesky cord.

I found it. But that was the easy part. So I tugged and such and the little bugger wasn't coming out. So I called Pa and he told me to call a tow truck. Well, I was in Fort Gibson and he was in Muskogee so it was going to be a half-hour or so. So I sat to wait, then decided to try a little harder to get the cord out. So I took off a few parts and started pulling harder and the thing came right out. Then the tow truck guy pulled up as I triumphantly held my part in my hands. DOH!!! So I paid him for coming down and took my old part to the auto place, got my new one, got dad and drove back to get my truck fixed. I climbed back in the engine and slapped the new part right in there. Dad was quite impressed. I took a bow. So the truck is running now, just fine. Yeah, Ben's smart.

I glued my bridge last night. See, in physics class we have this bridge made out of toothpicks that we are going to test on Wednesday in competetition. Well, it still needed to be glued so I took on the task. Like two hundred toothpicks or so I glued. It was long. But not as long as I thought. Anyway, I got it glued and now its ready to go. Yeah.

I can't think of anything else to post about. I've caught you up on all the juicy details of my life. (or the lack of.) I still love Anne more than ever, and God is still my number one cool guy. He's even cooler today. I can feel him with me. Its just so cool. So, I'll post again later whenever I get some more things to post about. Just remember that God loves you so very very much.

God is good.

:: Ben 8:40 AM [+] ::
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