Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Sunday, November 21, 2004 ::

Well, another day almost down. I feel like one of those sitcoms where at the end of the day the main character is seen tapping away at the computer then they look up suddenly, stare off into space, reflect, then continue tapping away. Let's try. Ready? Now...

It has been a good day. Woke up kinda late this morning considering I told Anne that I would pick her up for church. Her car was still at my house from Friday night because we were already on the tother side of town so I just took her home and then yesterday we never came over here. So it sat in the driveway, scaring mom I'm for sure a few mornings, until this afternoon when she came to pick it up.

Did I really just type all that about Anne's car? Sorry.

Anyway, church was alright. I caught my mind wandering a few times during the sermon, expected of anyone. Well, I expect it of anyone. The mind is a mysterious thing and definately hard to control. Bro. Bob's ramblings didn't help the wandering either.

I give the man credit, preaching is a hard thing to do. I mean, to get the message across that you feel God is giving you can be quite the challenge at times. Something that may make total sense to you one day, may confuse the giblets out of someone else the next day. I tell you what, all these turkeys are making me go crazy.

Afterwards we had a pot-luck dinner. (We're baptist.) Mom made a few things...well, a lot. And so did quite a lot of other people. There was just so much food there. I ate too much. Plenty of dessert too. Only one pumpkin pie, again. Every year, I tell you what. One pumpkin pie and it flies by. Craziness.

Man my mind is just not focused tonight.

So after the dinner, Anne and I came back to my house so she could do some homework. Of course, our luck, ONE dog was in so we went into my room so Riley wouldn't eat anything or slobber like she usually does. So we're just chillin'. Anne's sitting up writing her paper and I'm laid down behind rubbing her back. So suddenly, dad starts pounding on the door asking us what we're doing. I said, "Anne's doing her homework."

"Why in your room?" dad asked.

"So the dogs won't eat it or slobber and bother Anne," I told him.

"The dogs are outside. YOU TWO ARE NOT MARRIED YET!!!!" dad exclaimed.

I just looked at Anne and told her that she can't do her homework because we're not married yet. She got a kick out of that.

After I took a quick nap and she finished her homework, we tarried on down to the mall and walked around there for an hour or so just talking about all kinds of stuff which was quite fun. We talked about being married and having kids. We thought about what it would be like to have a baby when we got married, but then Anne brought up the good point that she would still have to do basic and she would just be leaving her husband and her three month old child for five months. Not cool. So I doubt that will happen. Only God knows.

I'm totally up for having a child right now. Of course, I'm the one out of high school so I'm sure it would be different for Anne, and it sorta is. She's up for it too; it's just a baby is a lot more responsibility put on such young parents. We want to raise our children right, in a good home and such. So I have a good feeling that we'll wait.

But once again, only God knows.

So after the mall walking, Anne brought me home and then she went back to her house. I just sat around watching tv and such. A typical day I guess.

Typical? Yeah right.

Not after all the craziness I went though.

Yeah, I'll stop bringing up the Army training and such some day. Its kinda like the "ruptured spleen" I had a few years ago. Milk sicknesses for everything. Use Army training for everything.

"Yes, Tiff, I want to drive 'just a block.' You try marching for five months and see if you want to walk anymore!"

Yes, I realize that I just walked around the mall for an hour.

Well, I guess that's enough for me. I'm trying to figure out if I want a late snack, or a real early breakfast. I have to go do the whole recruiter thing starting tomorrow. Yep, I get to talk people into the same craziness I'm ever so glad I just left. Weird irony.

It pays well.

Goodnight cyberworld.

(Just one more stop and gaze, please?)

Ready? One...two...three...


God is good.

:: Ben 10:35 PM [+] ::
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