Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Tuesday, March 15, 2005 ::

Good morning. It's a bright Tuesday morning here in Oklahoma. Okay, I lied. Its rainy and dreary and I really don't want to be at work. But that's the way life goes. I would rather be home with my wife (she's out for spring break) watching soap operas. But once again, that how life goes.

So what's the status on my bonus payment from the Army you may be wondering? (If not, then I'm going to post it anyway, so poo on you.) I haven't received it yet. However, SSG Gilstrap has found out why. Noone has record of my high school graduation. The Army doesn't have my diploma. That' s why I haven't been paid anything yet. But the funny thing is that I have been to training, which you are not supposed to be able to do without your high school diploma. I don't know about you, but I find that quite hilarious. I asked SSG Gilstrap that the other day.

Me: "Sergeant, how did I go to training then without a diploma?"
SSG Gilstrap: "I don't know, Troop. I asked the guys down there the same thing and they said that you must have slipped by somehow."

Slipped by?

So hopefully I will be getting that soon so that maybe Anne and I can move out of my parent's house. Hopefully. Of course, we have to pay for a new engine in her vehicle because it was out of oil. No light, no smell, no leak, the dang thing just decided to make all its oil disappear and lock up. So we have to buy a new engine for her poor car. Thankfully her dad is a mechanic and he is going to put it in for us, no charge. God watches out for us.

I say that and I haven't done a quiet time a few days. More like...yeah, a few days. Why? 'No time'. Lame excuse I know. I have plenty of time to play video games and love on Anne, but love on God. "Oh, that can wait. I'm too tired." I'll show myself I'm too tired if I don't get off my rump and do a quiet time. I would rather myself show myself too tired before God does.

So, Chris Dover is the new youth minister at Calvary. Does this upset me because I didn't get the job? No. Do I think that this poor guy is going to have an interesting time running that youth without knowing any of them? Yes. I mean, I know them. I've grown up with a few of them. He has no idea what he is getting into. They can be a handful at times. Fun, but a handful.

Anyway, the Army is cool and all, but they need a new accountant. Or paperwork handler. Or recruiters. Yeah, my recruiter, I guess, messed up my paperwork by not having all my ducks in a row. Is this his fault and not mine? Most definately. I don't do the duck lining up in the Army. The recruiter does. That's his job. Crazy jackballer. And to think of it, I do believe that I did show him my diploma and we got a copy of it. I guess somebody lost it. Or maybe he just messed it up. Kinda with my orders. I was supposed to take ALL my paperwork to my unit as soon as I got home, but what did my recruiter tell me?

Recruiter: "Bring your paperwork to me, I'll get what I need out of it and then I'll send it on."
Me: "They said to take it to my unit."
Recruiter: "I'll send it to them."

(I was going to be a recruiter's aide, that's why he needed my paperwork.) Anyway, three months later my retention NCO says..."Hey, Walcutt, I need some paperwork from you that wasn't in your packet to get ready for you."


Well, its lunchtime so I guess I'm going to stop 'working' and start going home.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 11:00 AM [+] ::
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