Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Friday, June 24, 2005 ::

I just need to calm down and take today at a slower pace. My automatic posting program has been put on hold because my boss is a jerk. And also because I missed work yesterday. I had to take Anne to the hospital. She has a severe infection and it was a good thing we got her up there because it was getting bad. So now she has some medicine to take and the doctor set her up for an appointment to get a check up in two weeks. Not bad considering what could've happened.

But everything is almost good now. Her pains have gone done and she isn't crying anymore. We we're worried that there was going to be so much more worse. She was thinking cancer; I wasn't thinking. But it was just an infection. Yeah, I say it like it was 'just an infection.' She sure wasn't thinking that.

But my boss seems to be going crazy. He is skipping out on coming in the office and reassigning his tasks to me. Yesterday while we were sitting in the hospital, he called me and asked when I would be back in the office. How rude! I am sitting there wondering if my wife is dying or not and he is just concerned on when he can make more money. Marie and I have been swamped while he is out dining and making more sales. I understand that a business needs to make money, but at some point you have to take care of your current customers before looking towards other customers. Stupid man.

He has asked me a few times to setup some printers for a practice in Tulsa. Every time I have tried and told him that I don't know what to do and it's not possible from my point of view. He just tells me the same thing over and over and it is geting dadgum annoying. He finally stopped trying to get me to fix Dr. Hubner's computer, which I told him several times also that I have exhausted all my expertise. I am just so tired of this man and his constant desire to get more money.

Oh I have such a headache because this is so annoying. On top of my crazy boss, my computer died the other day and I had to move in the back lab where the servers are. Its so loud back here and annoying also because we have a battery backup that died and Ken hasn't done anything about it. So annoying. Anyway, the motherboard went out so our computer dealer sent us a new motherboard. In the process of removing the processor and putting it on the new board, a few pins bent. That is bad news. If those break, no more processor. But I don't think that this is my fault. They mounted the processor the underside of the heat sink. Last time I checked, it was just supposed to sit on top.

Bright idea, geniuses. Bright idea.

So this has been a good day and I've only been here an hour.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 9:46 AM [+] ::
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