Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Wednesday, June 22, 2005 ::

Man, a bunch of stupid stuff in the news this morning. As I was sitting there, drinking my coffee, pondering on all the ignorance in the world, I thought about posting my thoughts on here. But just as everything else goes, as soon as I go to do something, everything vanishes. By golly, that's annoying.

So the queen has an iPod. Big whoop. Rick has an iPod. Half of the world has an iPod. Just because England is deciding to catch up on the times does not mean that it has to make news headlines. Let the woman listen to her music. She is human, you know.

There was an 11 year old boy that got lost in Utah on a camping trip. Rescuers found him alive, four days later, five miles from the camp. He was dehydrated, hungry, and missed his mom. Rescuers said that he was trying to hide from them when they stumbled upon him and he didn't seem so excited about being rescued. HE WAS RUNNING AWAY! They even said that he wasn't excited when he did see his mom. He just wanted to play video games.

This is probably a case of parents trying to get their children out of the house and active and the kid didn't want to. So he decided to make it fun and go on his own hike. In every picture you seem him in, he looks disgruntled. Wouldn't you be if someone foiled your diabolic scheme to escape a summer misery?

A helicopter carrying a 100 year old man and his family crashed after takeoff from a nursing home. It was carrying the family because they were celebrating the man's 100 birthday. The chopper clipped some trees and landed on its side. Noone was injured; I'm surprised the man didn't die from all the excitement.

When someone gets to be that old, you just don't take them anywhere except the Golden Corral. Come on, who takes a 100 year old man in a helicopter anywhere unless he is being life-flighted? Most of the birthday parties for people that age just include a cake and a whole lot of candles. If I make it to a hundred, leave me at home. Have the family gather around and give me presents, but do not do anything that could cause sudden excitement.

Our government is just fueling my theory that history can be explained by using a kindergarten class as an example. Vice President Dick Cheney crawled out of whatever hole he is hiding in long enough to talk smack about Howard Dean's mother. This came after Senator Durbin calls interrogators at Guantanamo Bay 'nazis'. Seems like right now our Legislators are spending more time picking on each other rather than taking steps to secure our nation.

This place is falling fast. It may sound hippie, but we all need to get along. Stop with all this bull butter about who is right and who is wrong and dadgum do something about the social security crisis or keeping our soldiers safe overseas. If they are fighting for democracy and everyone over there sees democracy as people arguing all the time and picking on each other, will the foreigners really be receptive to a new government?

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 9:31 AM [+] ::
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