Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Tuesday, June 27, 2006 ::

Fun in Funistan

Yesterday I had "3 H" guard. I'm not quite sure what that means. I just know that it involves watching the local nationals on post to make sure that they don't do anything stupid. It turned out to be not that bad. I mean, spending a majority of the day on your feet sucks, but what can you do? Complaining doesn't do any good and you can't get out of guard duty, so might as well suck it, drink water, and drive on.

I spent the first three hours of my 12 hour shift watching guys suck up poop from port-o-potties. Then I sat around and waited for my next "mission." It turned out to be watching guys poor cement to make a building. That was the funniest part. One ole boy went to run across some wet concrete and another guy grabbed him by the arm and pulled him back and then slapped him in the head. The first guy got mad and swung back, but the others stopped them before anything too exciting happened.

Then they started spraying each other with water intended for wetting the concrete. They seemed to be having fun. The last two hours of my day were pretty boring. Just sitting around waiting for another mission that never came. What fun.

My day in the office today was pretty successful, I feel. Made another step on getting the 1687s turned in. Learned some new stuff about what is going down on this mission. Stuff like that. Nothing too excited. Ole Mac was set up to go on a real "mission," but it got cancelled because there have been quite a few IEDs going off lately around here and some joker blew up a bomb at the front gate of one of our bases.

Yeah, its crazy around here.

So, tomorrow is more office work, and it looks like most of my time here will be in the office. It may not be a heroic job, but I'm just here to get the job done and come home safe to my beautiful, amazing wife who thought I was a hero already.

Thanks guys, at home, for being there for me. I appreciate everything. Your prayers, your emails. I'll be safe, I promise.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 10:21 AM [+] ::
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