Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Friday, July 14, 2006 ::

Latest set of pictures (I am fine by the way)

Some of you, mom, are worried that something may have happened to me during the explosions that rocked Kabul the other day. Do not worry about me. I am fine. I was unable to get to the internet for a day or so because when things like that happen, we are cut off from the outside world (except the TV), so there may be days go by that I don't post.

This case in particular was caused because I spent the last two days ordering supplies. That's all I did. Nothing else. Yeah, that much needed to be ordered.

So I am fine. The earthquake yesterday was worse than the bombings in Kabul. Earthquake, you say? Yes, earthquake, and it was quite freaky. It started with my chair shaking back and forth and I thought somone was playing a joke on me. Until I realized it was our whole building rocking back and forth. It was pretty awesome, but freaky at the same time. It lasted a good five minutes before all of the shaking stopped.

That's good stuff. Now onto the pictures...

That, my friends, is a Jingle Truck. Talk about some BLING BLING!!!

This is a brick making factory. Two guys get dirt and water, make mud, put the mud into a brick template, place the mud brick on the ground and let it dry. Repeat. A lot. That's a lot of work for just a brick.

Two connexs ontop of a building. The people here use connexs for anything: houses, garages, shops, offices, schools, guard towers, etc. But I haven't seen any used for actual storage. If you want to make some $$$, open a connex making factory in Afghanistan.

Another brick making factory by the airport.

I don't know what this plane is, it just looked funny on the tarmac.

The Charleston was our big, pimp ride to Afghanistan, the 53rd's ride out.

Honestly, there are no lanes on the highways in Afghanistan so this guy is not in the wrong. Plus he's probably safer over there.

Our escort to the airport. Quite nice escort at that.

Sheep grazing on the side of the road. Not just any road either. This is a major highway.

Most of the Afghan women still wear their headscarves, some still even wear the full headress and you can't see any part of them.

Our escort to the airport. Good stuff there.

I hate these kids. They always sit outside the airport and beg for Pepsi.

Afghan night sky at the airport.

Afghan Air Force fighters. They're even cooler when they are taking off and you're standing on the taxiway. Just make sure you take ear plugs.

:: Ben 9:37 AM [+] ::
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