Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Monday, July 17, 2006 ::

Question answered

I was asked whether or not Phillip and I got the coax cable we asked KBR about the other day during my FTP adventure. The answer?

In a roundabout way, yes. We got our coax cable, but it wasn't too easy. If you remember, the KBR guy didn't have any coax, he gave it to the J-6. By the time I found the answer to my FTP question, we were too tired to go roaming around again for some coax cable. A few days later we were thumbing through the PX and found some pre-packaged cable, but it wasn't long enough. As a last resort we were going to use a bunch of those strung together.

However, the very next day after that, we were moping around and behind some connex we found a giant roll of coax cable. It was like a ray of sunshine shone down through the nonexistant clouds onto this roll. Phillip deemed it free to the public since it was laying the open, I told him I would have nothing to do with it.

Phillip: "My gerber can cut through that, right?"

Me: "If it was new and freshly sharpened, maybe."

Phillip: "I think I can do it."

Me: "Don't hurt yourself."

Phillip: "I'll get some tonight."

So that night Phillip left our B-hut and headed for that poor, innocent roll of coax cable. He whipped out his gerber (fancy knife) and started hacking away at a strip of cable. He thought he was doing pretty good, he cut through the rubber coating quite fast. However, he hit the huge thick wad of cable shortly after and his progress hit a holt. He kept at it, though, sawing with all his might.

He wasn't paying a whole of attention and someone snuck up behind him, asking what he was doing. Poor Phillip froze in his footsteps. He tried to come up with a quick excuse but instead ran the other way and ducked behind some other B-hut, then tactically worked his way back to ours, empty handed.

I found all this out later when I asked how his covert mission went.

Well, today we found a B-hut down the road from ours that the 53rd guys stayed in and noone moved into after they left. Upon entering the door we were greeted with an interesting smell and a giant mess, worse than any kid could make in his room. There were lights left on, food items scattered everywhere, trash galore, floor rugs, clothes, books, video games, a refrigerator and a giant mass of coax cable.

The refrigerator caused a bit of a stink with my captain. He wanted the refrigerator in the conference room, we wanted it in our B-hut, naturally. His guidance was put it in the conference room, no debate. Our B-hut NCOIC wanted it in our B-hut. The refrigerator wound up in our B-hut, but now the captain is beyond mad because 1. we didn't do what he said and 2. he didn't get his way. I forsee another movement for the refrigerator.

The coax cable also found its way into our B-hut, and with little effort on our part. It was just laying in a pile on the floor. So we gathered it up and took it. Simple.

So to answer Rupe's question...

Yes. We have coax cable.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 7:34 AM [+] ::
Interesting. And logical, as Spock would say. The way you take an otherwise mundain day and turn it into something quite ineresting, and funny. The thought of Phillip running and hiding behind the B-hut then tactically making his way back is quite ammusing, if you know Phillip. All I can say is thank you and always keep your sights on the Most High. God Bless.
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