Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Saturday, September 30, 2006 ::


Humans are not capable of doing anything perfect. Everyone in the world should be able to attest to this fact. I had the oppurtunity to see the world try.

Yesterday I went to a firing range composed of all the nations here in Afghanistan. The British, French, Canadians, Swedish, Romanians, Portugese, New Zealanders, Afghans, and Americans were in attendance. Oh it was a sight to see. People around the world united in one fight, for one cause, all in one place. I got to experience what soldiers in the World Wars experienced. The world coming together to fight one fight.

At this range, each country brought an assortment of weapons to let other nations shoot. I shot a British automatic rifle, a Romanian automatic rifle, a French automatic rifle, a Canadian machine gun, a Swedish machine gun, and a different British automatic rifle. I saw the Portugese tear up targets with their machine guns, the British lob mortar rounds a mile downrange, the Romanians launch rockets a mile downrange, and the Canadians shoot the heads of targets 800 meters away with a sniper rifle. I even launched a rocket myself from an AT-4 at an old Russian tank.

All of this was so the Coalition nations could get familiar with one another. To learn each other's ways and to build an even bigger comraderie among the troops fighting the war against evil.

However, nothing handled by humans is perfect. With all the safety measures in place, with all the proper equipment and personnel, and with everyone mindful of each other, something still went wrong. A bullet from a rifle struck a rock downrange and flew back toward the firing line striking a soldier in the leg. He is fine and was barely wounded, but the fact is still present: none of us could prevent this from happening.

Many times in life we all fall into a sort of complacency. We believe that everything is going perfect and nothing can go wrong. But we all also know that something can go wrong and, according to Murphy, will go wrong. Sometimes there is nothing we can do about it, things just happen. But there are some times that we can do something about it.

To most people worship services mean show up and praise the good Lord. To the rest it means preparation. Get everything set so that God's people can worship Him without having interruptions. However, we get caught up in this sometimes. Doing everything we can to fix all the problems and make worship wonderful and not letting God do everything he can to move around the problems. We strive for perfection by taking care of everything ourselves.

Those that try to make everything perfect for worship aren't entirely wrong in their endeavors; they mean all the good possible. But God is the one who makes worship what it is. God is the one who we praise during our worship and sing to so he should be the one to prepare everything. It is only our job as lead worshipers to lead, to encourage God's people to praise him. Not to run the show. Pride keeps us from letting God handle it all.

It is a job for a few people to lead worship, to manage a church's operations. We all just need to remember what we are here for, what our job really is. Not everything has to be set in stone when it comes to God. Where two or more are gathered in His name, He is there. He is in control if we let him. It is not us but Him who makes things perfect.

God enjoys our praise no matter how we give it to him. We can come just as we are to Him and God will accept our worship and praise as long as it is from the heart. That's all he asks. It doesn't have to be perfect; it just has to be from our heart.

A perfect life is one that God leads, one that God has complete control of. We must let go and let God. Remember this next time you go to worship. Don't let anything get in your way from worshipping how you want. It's your relationship with Him; your time with God. It's perfect in His eyes if you are humble and praise Him from your heart.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 1:32 PM [+] ::
Howdy Ben,

How's everything going for ya over there? I noticed you've been adding more deep thoughts and reflections on the stupidity of the human race and I couldn't disagree if I wanted to. Well don't have too much to report from my side of the world, just work and academy stuff, not as bad as being a civillian though. Oh well, tried to send you an e-mail but your army server shot it down, so I thought I'd just drop in and say hi and see if I couldn't get some intel out of ya about your life to date. Be safe and look forward to hearing from you again.

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