Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Thursday, October 05, 2006 ::

Coalition Firing Range

Here are some pictures from the firing range I went to with the coalition. I have a few videos also but I will put those on a CD and mail home to Ann.

The Swedish soldiers listening in on the range brief. I was paying attention too. I promise.

Coalition guys standing around watching other coalition guys shoot stuff.

My bud, Bradley Tune, firing the British automatic rifle.

Me firing a Romanian version of the AK-47.

A Canadian soldier getting ready to shoot the Romanian recoiless rifle.

A U.S. Marine shooting the Romanian recoiless rifle. That thing was so loud I'm suprised the camera didn't fall out of my hand.

A Portugese soldier laying down some heavy fire from a Canadian machine gun.

Panaramic view of the Coalition standing around watching stuff blow up.

The Afghan children like to overrun the firing range once we are done to collect leftover brass.

Me lauching the AT-4. Tactical Weapon M136 (AT4) is a short range, man-portable, shoulder-fired weapon, consisting of a fiberglass reinforced
launch tube fitted with a firing mechanism, pop-up sights, protective covers, carrying sling, three safety devices, shoulder stop and bumpers. The weapon is a recoiless rifle design.

:: Ben 12:03 AM [+] ::
I never would have pictured you with a rifle like that. You have come a long way from the bb gun.
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