Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Sunday, October 29, 2006 ::

If you work for KBR, you work for the devil

Harsh words? Hardly. I haven't had a decent dinner since I left home. Why? Because KBR sucks. They make so much more money than us soldiers to do soldier's jobs. The Army has cooks, engineers, finance people, MWR people, and the like. But instead the government shells out our tax dollars to high priced companies to do the job. Ridiculous if you ask me.

And they can't even do that right. The food is just one part. Our KBR constructed housing sucks. I would rather stay in a tent. The rigged up electric system is a joke and the plumbing was done by a three year old. I should be content, though, because the guys downrange have much worse accomodations than us here in Camp Pheonix. Or so says the general.

You know what, ok. Give me a tent and a hole to crap in and a box of MRE's for my dinner. At least my poop would be solid again.

Am I just being a bitter specialist? Nope. This is the consensus around camp. The KBR people seem to think that we, the soldiers, are here to support them. We're defending their freedom, but definately not their ability to snap a finger and expect an entire row of connexs to vanish.

I should write my congressman.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 1:30 PM [+] ::
i know you miss good 'home-cookin. but remember sweety, not everyone can be as amazing and wonderful as me! i've spoiled you by feeding you 5 star quality meals.
You just miss Mom's cooking, a soft bed and home!!! Hang in there. WE love you and miss you!
What you WON'T miss is mom's chicken spaghetti in the crockpot, just ask ann.
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