Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Thursday, October 26, 2006 ::


It rained the day before yesterday. It rained yesterday. It rained today even. There was snow on the mountains this morning before the somewhat heat of the day melted it off. It is quite cold here at night. I think it is worse than Oklahoma. The wind is bitterly cold and the temperatures seem to drop suddenly. Most people are walking around in their black fleece. I haven't resorted that extreme yet but I'm getting there.

The cold reminds me of home more than anything else. When it would get cold at night, Ann and I would lay on the couch together all cuddled up underneath a blanket. And then when it got time for bed we would sprint to the bedroom and cuddle back up as fast as we could. This was all to avoid using the heater, of course.

The mountains, on the other hand, don't remind me of home. Nor the shooting in the distance or the body armor we wear to leave the gate. That's all stuff I hope to forget when I get home. I would like to remember how to drive a stick though. I've driven the Ford Ranger for so long that when I went to drive the humvee (an automatic), I kept reaching for the clutch. Silly me.

Maybe the coffee addiction will be gone by then. Lately I have developed a crutch on coffee. My mornings don't exist without it. Ann will admit that this isn't anything new. I used to make coffee at home and even created a bit of a scuff over buying a Mr. Coffee. It's all in the past now, though. Maybe not now that I brought it back up.

I am proud to report that my Coca-Cola addiction has gone away. I haven't drank a coke in a week and before that was a week and before that was a week. I only drink them on Friday's because Friday is steak and lobster night. I like to have a coke as a reward I guess. And I have a rootbeer float to top off the night. However, I have noticed that coke tastes awfully bitter if you haven't had it in a while. It has a disgusting taste to it. That helps in not drinking it.

I haven't been the gym a whole lot lately. I have been too tired at night so I pass straight asleep and then in the morning I am way too tired to think about going to the gym. Thus began the coffee intake. So hopefully I will get better on my sleeping habits so that I can go to the gym at night. Just watching what I eat and what I drink seems to be doing me some good.

Church is getting better. I was hurt there for awhile because the Chaplain and I didn't see eye to eye on certain things. I once I put those feelings aside and just focussed on playing music for the good Lord, I started to enjoy it again. I played so hard last Sunday that I broke a string on the guitar. It snapped back and hit my hand causing me to toss my pick through the air. Everyone was looking at me strange, but I didn't miss a bit in singing. And once I found another pick, I didn't miss a bit in playing either. It was pretty cool last Sunday night.

I have found a pretty good way to make time go by faster here in the Stan. See, at home I didn't want time to go by fast because I wanted to enjoy my precious time with Ann. Here, however, I want it to burn like a candle doused in gasoline. So I set up days throughout the week to look forward to, so instead of looking at a week ahead of me, I see just a day.

For example:

On Sunday I look forward to Tuesday because it is my "day off."

On Tuesday I look forward to Wednesday because it is my "late day" (sleep in).

On Wednesday I look forward to Friday because it is steak and lobster night.

On Friday I look forward to Saturday because it is my "late day" and movie night in the office.

On Saturday I look forward to Sunday because it is time for chapel.

So instead of looking from Sunday to Sunday, I break my week up and it seems to fly by so much faster. During the month I look forward to the 20th because that is the day we got in country so I know another month is gone. However, from the 21st to the 1st of the next month time doesn't go so fast. Not sure why.

But that is a look into my brain and how I perceive my week.

Actually, that's a look into my brain in general. I'm not sure what else to talk about.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 9:03 AM [+] ::
Such a good post, you decided to do it twice :)

And you have to push through the disgusting taste of soda! It will come back! Don't give up the good fight!

(I only drink it on Fridays also. Usually. Sometimes Mondays because I'm tired. And sometimes Thursdays because I have my late class. But that's it!)
why'd you post it twice??? i guess to emphasize your point :P
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