Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Thursday, November 23, 2006 ::

Happy Turkey Day

With the exception of the ridiculously decorated chow hall and the 2 star general serving me dinner, today was just another day. There is no Macy's Turkey Day parade here. No day of lounging around and watching football and smelling turkey roasting in the oven. Just another day.

Today, however, has been the worst day here. I miss home so much. I want to be home with my wife, coooking our Turkey Day dinner again, putting up the Christmas tree in our house, laying on my parents couch watching football with my dad.

The sad part is: this won't be the worst day of them all. There are so many more left to go. But I will make it through because I have no other choice. That makes life easy, right?

My solitaire adventures have been getting better. My win ratio has risen some; however, it is still lacking for such a mindless game. I have been told to try spider solitaire or freecell. While those are good suggestions, I can't leave solitaire. It is my personal goal to beat that game as much as possible so as to show it that I can't be defeated.

Ann understands. Thank you love.

Tomorrow will be another day; just as the day after and so forth. One more day down, though. That brings me much joy. I am one day closer to my leave and one day closer to coming home to my wife and family.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 12:06 PM [+] ::
its been a tough day here too. we miss you so much. love you poopyhead.
yeah, i totally understand - solitaire is the new kitty cannon, :) anyway turkey day was a hoot. i was so lonely too ben, i miss you so much. the Lord is amazing though and will give us the strength we need. be strong in Him, i love you and pray for you and everyone over there. be safe sweety
Hey Turkey! You are very missed her as well. (Not sure about the proper grammar but its a day off from English) Keep counting down, and we will all keep praying for you and that the days go by faster. Take Ann's advice, God will get you through it. We love ya,
The Nelitas
Son, God knows our weaknesses and our strengths. He knew that our family could endure this time apart,and that maybe some young man's family needed him home. You told me once that someone has to go so someone can come home. Christmas is year round for us because Christ is with us year round. Stay safe, stay strong, stay close to God and He will stay close to you.
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