Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Thursday, December 28, 2006 ::

Oh my goodness

What's the worst part about a foot of snow on Christmas? The three inches of pure ice that it melts down to.

What's worse then waking up in the morning freezing so bad that you are shivering? Not much.

I apologize for taking so long to post. I have missed a few important days in my absence from the blog. Thinking about them makes me want to cry, but I'm supposed to be a strong Army man and not get depressed or sad. Honestly, though, I have never felt this crappy in my life ever before. I'm 7000 miles away from the love of my life, talking through typed words and pixelated pictures. Why have I done this?

Ann and I celebrated our two year anniversary 10 days ago. It feels nice knowing that we have lasted longer than I'm sure most people expected us to; but in the same thought, it sucks. I have been home for 13 out of 24 months of being married. Granted, this deployment has caused us to grow closer because we have to bond in a whole new way and we have learned to adapt. It has definately shown us that our marriage is strong in the Lord and we can survive anything after this.

Lord willing.

I love Ann so much. I never thought I could love someone so much before I met her. She means the world to me and I would give anything to be with her right now. I miss you, Ann.

Merry Christmas to everyone. We had a white Christmas here in Kabul. It snowed Christmas Eve, Christmas day, the day after, and flurries the day after that. Unfortunately, the temperature here hasn't got above freezing since so there is ice everywhere and giant piles of snow. It's pretty and ugly at the same time. I'm sure that this will all melt somewhere around March.

Christmas was another quite depressing day. I woke up alone and opened up presents alone. Then I went and sat in the office all day and watched television. Ho ho ho, right?

Mac is on leave now so I am the enlisted guy in charge. Basically, I keep doing my job except I get tasked out by the captain more. Nothing glamorous.

Man, its been almost two weeks and I wish I had more to post about but I don't. I'm beyond tired and ready to come home, but that is still six months away. I get leave in about three weeks, but I don't want to think about that because then I will get excited and the days will go by slower.

I really am sorry everyone for taking so long to post. Things have been hectic since Mac's been on leave and the internet was down for a few days due to the snow.

Just keep on keeping on, right?

:: Ben 10:07 AM [+] ::
friendly reminder, you need to change the thing on the side of the screen from us being married a year and a half to 2 years..... no rush though... i mean, i'm not busy at all and yet i've failed to keep my blog updated, :) i only write when i have my quirky inspirations though... now that i've written a novel --- i love u sweety, kissy kissy
Ann is the love of your life? What about me? Just kidding. Ann and folks back home. I'm keeping some kind of an eye on Ben and although I know he misses home alot, who doesn't, he's doing a fantastic job here and always brings a smile to my face. I'm thinking about adopting him in the near future. Have a great day.
sgt dub...

you can adopt him until june, then we want him back. i was always sure he was doing a fantastic job, he's a fantastic kid.

it does my heart good to know he has men he looks up to keeping an eye on him. god bless you, we pray for you guys every day too.

ben's daddy
you can't adopt him because he's mine :)
Son, I would be disappointed if you wasnt missing Ann and home and us. The Army is a better unit because guys like you are there. They need more guys with your kindness, meekness, strength, courage, peacekeeping, God fearing, country loving, marriage committed, family loving, Christian minded MAN!!! This is just a drop in the bucket to the time that you two will have together in your lifetime. Stay safe, chin up!!! Mom prays for you daily!.
p.s. Sgt. Dub sorry but God blessed me with him and i am keeping him!!!
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