Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Tuesday, February 27, 2007 ::

A year ago

A year ago I was enjoying my next to last day with my wife. My next to last day of freedom. For soon I would belong back to the Army again, this time in the life of active duty defending the very freedom I was enjoying.

A year ago I was sitting at my parent's house thinking about how the next 15 months would crawl by and I would never see my wife and family again.

A year ago.

That's amazing if you ask me. A year ago I was at home dreading the future before me. Now I am sitting here remembering all the things I've been through in the last year. Training at Camp Shelby, working at Camp Shelby, meeting a very enthusiastic full bird colonel that seemed to warm up to me quite quickly, running all over post looking for packing material while driving a truck that I'm sure I wasn't licensened to drive. I learned that day that you can't drive a 3 and a half ton truck out the front gate at Camp Shelby.

My eyes were opened the first day I stepped foot in Afghanistan. The death of my fellow soldiers, my fellow Warriors, opened my eyes to so much more. The bombings at our gates blew my mind away. "Someone is really out there trying to kill us," I thought. Seeing the kids at the humanitarian missions made me think good thoughts about the Afghans though. We are building their future, their lives. We can fix all this before it attacks our children.

Being away from my wife has enhanced our marriage other than destroy it. We have had to find different ways to express our love for each other and that opened my eyes to how much I really do love my wife and how much she loves me. While others are falling apart, ours is growing stronger and it's all because of where our marriage is rooted.

My eyes were opened and I realized that not every church can be like old Calvary when Bro. Danny and JD were a team. I also realized that God is asking me to forget that past and build a new future, to stop living in the dream that was and live in the now that is. Thankfully he led my wife to a wonderful church full of fervor and passion. Thankfully she led me there too. Then my eyes were opened again: God is still moving.

As I look back on the year behind me, I look forward to the few months left here. I have gained so many lessons out of what I have been through so what can I learn out of what's left? How can I push myself to experience all that I can while I'm here and hopefully take a little bit of Afghanistan back to America. My eyes have seen something only a few Americans ever will and its my job to make sure that no other Americans have to see this. It's our job to make sure America will never become like this.

One year down.

One year ago.

:: Ben 11:31 AM [+] ::
C'mon! You have to pick up the blogging slack now that your wife is gone for awhile.
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