Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Wednesday, March 07, 2007 ::

I just don't know

She's gone. I won't speak to the love of my life for the next four months. This is horrible. The woman I love more than anything is gone from me and I'm left over in this craphole part of the world by myself again. I feel so lonely. It's only for the next four months, though.

Life is getting better here each and every day because we are getting close to going home. We're packing up equipment, talking to our replacements, and the weather is getting tremendously better. I don't even know how to explain it. It's too amazing. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and I'm ready for it to show up. This has been a long year and I'm ready for it to be over. I've learned more here than I ever could back in the states but I'm done learning now. I'm ready to relax. I'm ready to sit and enjoy a week off.

My hearing is coming back. I can't blow air out of my ear canal anymore and the uncomfortable feeling has drifted off. I'm now left with a slight ringing every now and then and an occasional itch that I can't scratch. Mainly because I'm not allowed to stick anything in my ears anymore. Go figure.

I haven't been to church since I've been back. Does that make me some kind of sinful rebel? Most definately not. That chapel was causing hate and discontent in my heart so I decided to remove that anger and bitterness from my life. Maybe I will go back once I stop feeling like I was used and abused while I was there. Maybe.

I was told that I am now supposed to make up for all the posting on the blogs now that Ann is out of the show. I'll see what I can do. Lately the internet has been on the fritz from hackers having too much fun over here. Plus I don't do much exciting stuff around here to warrant a post everyday. You know how it goes.

I mean, who wants to hear about the LTF stealing my gloves, Mac and I walking around camp finding work to do, Charlie and I giving away combat lifesaver bags, and stealing humvees. Honestly, does that sound like fun?

I have been able to avoid KBR since I've been back from leave. My last run in with them was dinner I suppose, even though after my last bout with runny poo I swore to never eat KBR food again. However, my options are limited. I believe its a ridiculous monopoly and they should be punished. Heck, my cries to have them punished for uneditable food has turned no results.

Onto the news, I find it humourus that Secretary Gates is cleaning house after the Walter Reed mess came to light. After firing the commanding general, he focused his attention on the Secretary of the Army who subsequently relinquished his office. Now, what does the Secretary of the Army have to do with the hospital? There is either an understory that will come to light in the next few weeks or Secretary Harvey just was tired of his job.

Why is this such a big deal anyway? Mold in the walls, leaky showers, and a beauracracy that belittles any other on earth is all old news to any soldier in this army. I would take moldy walls and leaky showers over the craphole that we are living in now. Why? Because it's in America. And no soldier better complain about paperwork and waiting because that is taught in day one of training: the Army sucks, get over it. Long, pointless lines and paperwork to cover more paperwork is all a part of life in the service.

Here's another thing: did the soldier's not have the best medical treatment in the world? Sacrifices must be made and I believe that fresh paint and new fixtures in the pooper were tossed out for the best doctors the Army could find. Now, what do Americans want? Soldiers suffering in a palace or being saved and treated in a place with four walls and a bed? Honestly, let's all reevaluate that one.

However, it's all a mute point (or moo point as Tiff would say). Secretary Gates pushed and prodded enough to get people fired over this and that can't be changed, but it can be a lesson learned. Some whistleblower blew a bullhorn over that fact that he (or she) was living with mold (oh my goodness, not MOLD!!!) and the media (oh media how I love you) jumped over the story and broke headlines across the nation. Did anyone care to ask questions? Nope.

The military only has a limited budget (thanks congress) and if someone can find a way to pay for new paint and keep the nurses employed at Walter Reed, then by-golly why aren't you speaking up. Heck, the Army couldn't pay for new paint at Walter Reed because they were too busy paying KBR to paint concrete barriers the same color as the new paint they put over all the B-huts here in Afghanistan. Or paying KBR to keep Walter Reed in business by spreading food poisoning through their dinner selections.

Does my blabbering cause any change in Washington? Not one bit, but it sure does feel nice to get it off my chest. Otherwise I would have to wind up in Walter Reed psychology department fighting mold and 60's style shower fixtures.

Eh, I guess Gates is just showing the "Bold Ties" in Washington that he is worth keeping around because he causes change in the system. Too bad everyone is too busy patting him on the back rather than looking at the bigger mess he is creating.

Congratulations, Washington. You did it again.

:: Ben 11:15 AM [+] ::
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