Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Saturday, March 10, 2007 ::


Governor Brad Henry. He was the big guest that showed up at Camp Phoenix and greeted all the Oklahoma troops here. It was quite a nice visit. He gave a good speech, answered a few questions, shook hands, took pictures, and pinned the Army Achievement Medal on my chest. It was quite a nice experience.

I'm not sure what I got the AAM for right now, but I'm sure I'll find out later. I am quite proud of whatever achievement I accomplished to get awarded. It feels nice to be rewarded for good deeds. Governor Henry also gave me something that my wife and father will be envious of: an Oklahoma Centennial coin.


I also got a coin from the Chief of the National Guard Bureau, Lieutenant General Blum. Most people think, "Wow, a coin from a general," but in the Army coins are quite a sign of appreciation. That was quite awesome also.

I'll have pictures tomorrow of the affair and pictures of my rewards.

Today was quite a tiring day, though. I spent all day with a sledge hammer and a drill remodeling our office. Well, it was more like destroying our office. The people on the other side of our cardboard box moved so we inherited their office. Thus the need to remove the previous walls and expand our terroritory. Will it last long? I doubt it, but tearing the place up was beyond fun. No joke.

Tomorrow I get to put some desks together and enjoy a nice Afghanistan Sunday afternoon. I hope things are still going well at home for everyone. I haven't talked to Ann since the day she left so I have no idea how she is doing. I pray that she is ok.

There shall be more posting tomorrow. Events are in the works that will stir up quite some anger and discontent from my office. I don't know how much I can post about it all, and I really don't want to post much because it's not set in stone. Let me just say that changes are being discussed.

However, when is that news?

Bedtime for me now. Busy day today and another busy day tomorrow. Please pray for me and my comrades, those of you at home. And please pray for my wife, Ann, the most beautiful woman in all the world. You know, each day I realize how much more I love her. This time I just don't get to tell her. It hurts.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 1:25 PM [+] ::
You are blessed with an amazing wife indeed. Keep your chin up. We are praying for you both and you will be reunited before you know it. You "kids" mean very much to me, more than you know. I can only pray that my own children grow up to be as God-fearing and Godly as both you and Ann. Can't wait to see your photos, get them posted soon! I am very proud of you! Much love,
The Nelita's
I dont know how many ways i can say or express how blessed i feel or how proud i am of you. Congratulations on the commendation and just keep up the good work. God is good all the time God is good!!
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