Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Tuesday, April 24, 2007 ::

A supplyman's day is never done

I have to make this sorta quick. I am trying to go to bed early tonight seeing as how I have to get up early in the morning. I have to take a little trip. Don't worry; it's not far and it's a trip I have made a million times already. I'll be fine, good Lord willing.

I got a letter from Ann today. She is doing well. I don't remember if I posted on here or not, but she was the female platoon guide for 2nd platoon for a week or so. That's quite an honor to have; not everyone can have that position. The drill sergeants usually pick people that have leadership capabilities for that roll. She hated every minute of it, but only because she couldn't stand the drama queens in her platoon.

Well, my wife is just more amazing than that. She has now been nominated for the Soldier of the Cycle award. That is quite an honor just to get nominated. It is given to the male and female that the platoon sergeants (E-7s) feel are the best soldiers in the company. I'm quite proud of my wife. She is having more fun than I imagined she would (I knew she would have some fun) and she is keeping a positive attitude even when she gets in trouble for other people's mistakes. That takes quite a lot of patience.

Ann is almost done, everyone. She is on the final stretch now. Soon she will be starting her week long field exercise (Victory Forge) and then she is on to graduation. I hope that everyone is still praying for my cute little wife. All I ask is that when you guys see her on her graduation day, tell her that I love her and I miss her.

Bedtime for me now. Another beautiful day in Afghanistan lies ahead.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 11:13 AM [+] ::
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