Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Sunday, May 20, 2007 ::

Is it that hard

Lately I have had a hard time at work. Not because my work is hard; my work is done. It is hard because everyone else is not doing their job. And the ones that do show up for work don't know how to do their job so it's like they aren't there.

For example, the new guys are on camp now. They are starting to take over the positions on camp. I went to talk to the J-4 about an issue the other day. Our J-4 soldiers were gone because they handed over the office to the new J-4. The new J-4 had no idea what i was talking about because they had just taken over. I had no way of handling my problem because the only answers I could get were, "I dunno."

Everyone is short-handed also so getting anything done takes an act of congress. Our replacements aren't very high speed so I have to repeat myself a million times over to get them to understand anything and I know everyone knows how much I hate repeating myself. Its becoming quite a drag. I cleaned out my desk the other day and yesterday I took my IBAS out of the office so there is nothing left in there that is mine. I have a few loose ends to tie up, but the J-4 still can't give me an answer other than "I dunno."

Plus, the new guys are implementing their own rules now and changing everything up. That's not a bad thing because I don't really care. I'm gettin' out this mug in a few days; however, I still have some work to do around here and train my replacements on how to do stuff and since everyone is changing the rules, I have to learn my own job before I can teach them. It's quite frustrating. The new S-4 is trying to convince me to extend and stay to work with them. I definately am not going to do that. It's time for me to go home and see my wife.

Speaking of my wife, she hates AIT. She misses basic training. I called her crazy for saying that but we all know how organized she likes things to be and AIT is far from organized. In AIT, you are pretty much on your own and that's not what she expected. She wants to quit, but I told her that she can't. She really can't. I learned (the hard way) that the Army doesn't work like that. She'll be fine.

I don't know what else to talk about. Everyone told me that I need to post since its been so long, but I don't really know what to say. I feel bad for not posting, but I have been so busy with work: laterals, inventories, shamming, etc. That's life around here. Running around putting out notional fires. I should get a combat badge for that.

That's enough for tonight I guess. Be safe, everyone.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 11:28 AM [+] ::
Yeah, they should give you like a whole bag full of badges. That way you could share them with me when you get back. Keep up the good work sir! =D
uhmmm, you hate to have to repeat yourself? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha*gasp*hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...

now you know how your old man felt when you were a teenager.

love you son.
hey, i don't want to quit -- i like the army, i just HATE HATE HATE THIS PLACE.... but oh well, i'm actually starting to get use to it, and i like class and the morning pt is a lot better (if only we got smoked too, but you can't have it all i guess) :) but i do miss college..... and speaking of missing stuff, i miss MISS, CRAZY MISS my husband, my love, my sweetie... and i miss my family *sigh*..... and since this computer won't let me get on my blog page, i have to vent on ben's comment block. hehehe. love ya'll ... (love you my sweet love, ben, my husband... kissy kissy fo you)
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