Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Thursday, June 21, 2007 ::

I'm having to get used to this whole posting thing

Once again I have left my readers another week to the wind without any word or thought from me. I apologize for this. While this time I have quite a bit to post about, I haven't had the most time ever to post about it. Surprisingly. Ironically, I can't remember everything I wanted to post about. Well, that's how life goes with me. Live and forget until months later when I'm sitting around the dinner table with friends laughing and joking.

I got to see my beautiful wife last weekend. She looks so amazing. I'm forever grateful to the good Lord that I was able to meet such a beautiful woman and have her in my life. Thank the good Lord. We were able to spend the night together in Columbia and spend time with my father on Sunday afternoon before we had to take her back to her company. It was depressing leaving the love of my life, but I am going to see her again soon.

After leaving my gorgeous wife, dad and I started our journey back home with a little detour to Maryville, Tennessee. For those of you who don't know, we have family in that area (I'm not mentioning who for fear of the civilian style OPSEC) and we haven't seen them in quite some time. It was a surprise visit (for the most part, my previous post tipped them off that we were coming) and we had quite a time there. We ate the best homemade pizza ever, the worst apple pancakes ever (made with cherry pie filling instead of apples), and some of the best coffee around. Thick enough the spoon would stand up on its own.

After a nice long visit with our family, dad and I continued our journey through the country on Monday, driving through torrents of rain and crazy mountains. The weather is so unpredictable and you never know when mountains might pop out of nowhere. We almost had to push the car back to my parents house because dad didn't want to turn around on the turnpike. Something about that being illegal. I told him that he has a combat vet with him and just blame it on my craziness.

Tuesday I came home to my house to discover my lawnmower had been returned (my in-laws borrowed it.) Therefore, I couldn't deny my lawn the pleasure of being trimmed any longer. I forgot a few key facts, though.

A) Wet grass is horrible to mow.

B) Two feet tall wet grass is horrible to mow.

C) Plastic rakes with decrepit wooden handles don't rake wet lawn trimmings too well at all.

After the raking I realized the final key fact:

D) Dad was right; I can't mow a straight line to save my life.

It's a little different when the lawn is actually your own. Now I can understand why he got so mad when there were random patches of unmowed grass in the yard. Once the grass dried out from the 90 degree temps that afternoon, I noticed that my yard is a faint yellow compared to my neighbors lawn that is a flush green. It's only slightly embarrasing. I'm hoping that if we keep the lawn trimmed to a nice height that the color will adjust. Hopefully.

After all that I watched some good ole tv for awhile and did a load of laundry. It's hard to come up with a load of laundry for just one person. I threw in some clean clothes just to add some beef. However, I then noticed that you could adjust the size of the load on the washing machine for whatever load you are putting in there. How convenient, huh?

Yesterday I babysitted for Amy (sister-in-law) and got to spend some good quality time with my nephews. For dinner Tiff and I were going to eat at the Pizza Inn buffet (Pizza Inn is just 100 feet down the road), but much to our dismay, Pizza Inn has a buffet on every night except Wednesdays. Neither does Mazzio's or Pizza Hut. Noone has a buffet on Wednesday nights so we just had them deliver.

Today I drove to Tulsa looking for a new (larger) uniform to wear for Ann's graduation, but couldn't find one (they didn't sell them) (them being the surplus store.) Then I realized that my car had some weird problems with it (violent shaking) so I decided to have it looked at. However, noone knows what the problem is and I don't know where my father-in-law (mechanic) lives so I am stuck with a broke car until my wife comes home and can call her father.

Tomorrow I am babysitting again and then driving back out to South Carolina to see my beautiful wife and bring her home in a week and a half. I know that it's a 2000 mile trip and we already made it once, but I will go to any lengths to see my beautiful wife. Any lengths at all.

That's about it for now. It's almost midnight and I have a heck of a drive ahead of me the next two days, but at least I will get to gaze upon the most beautiful woman in all existance. I also need to go see the doctor while I am in South Carolina. Right now I am still an active duty soldier so I have tri-care and apparently I totally messed up my shoulder while I was in Afghanistan. I didn't say anything at Fort Carson because I hoped it would go away, but it has only worsened. Good job, huh? Let's hope the doctors know what's wrong and it won't require surgery. I imagine some pain killers and a sling.

I also imagine that the government will be seeing more shoulder and back complaints in the coming future. The body armor that is issued to every servicemember is extremely heavy and weighs entirely on the shoulder and lower back. Definately a recipe for disaster, as in my case. We'll see how it goes with the doctor. I may just have to live with the pain and pay for it on my own eventually since I didn't say anything about it during my demobilization. I was just ready to come home.

That's about it for now. I'm tired and I still have to babysit and drive tomorrow. Loads of fun. At least there is a gorgeous angel waiting for me at the end of that rainbow.

Please pray for all the troops still overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq. It's a tough life we live and its even harder trying to cope with life in America again.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 11:30 PM [+] ::
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