Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Tuesday, November 27, 2007 ::

Same song, second verse

Yep. Nothing has changed. Ann is still going to war. I'm still paying for the war. Welcome to life.

If it weren't almost midnight right now, I might post a little bit more. But there isn't much to post for today. I got overwhelmed by the bills, realized I am missing a receipt for my account, realized I paid the car tag without remembering and almost crapped a brick because I had no idea where in the world 493 dollars went, cleaned house, and burnt a pan on the stove.

Yes. The pan.

I also didn't study for the political science test I have tomorrow or start working on the two papers I have due at the end of the semester. I work better under pressure anyway. Tomorrow is another glorious school day for me to go and get lectured to about writing styles, algebra, and how to use a computer. Fun fun.

But, it's all worth it in the long run when I get that slip of paper saying that I have proven my worth to society and should be put on a payroll somewhere so I can contribute this new knowledge I have attained. Or something like that.

The intense headache, growling stomach (apparently burnt pans do affect taste of the food in them), and mind being elsewhere is causing this post to go off on a random tangent quick. I better quit before I say something I shouldn't or dig myself a hole to fall in later.

Goodnight, world.

:: Ben 11:27 PM [+] ::
Burnt the pan. How does one do that and have be able to eat the food inside it? Keep up the school, don't be like me working on that piece of paper 25 years later.
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