Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Tuesday, February 19, 2008 ::

Life is hectic

Ok, I don't have much time to post for the sole reason that I have not found enough time to buy my own internet and I am "borrowing" a neighbor's (thank you Lord for putting 100 people in one building and at least one person being dumb enough to not lock their internet). Thus, my time is limited because my neighbor turns his (or her) internet off from time to time and I think the time is coming soon.


New York is still great. I still love this city and everything in it. Even the people are amazing. And I have decided to create my own "Dundies" in the form of the "Subbies". A few examples are:

The award for most annoying teenie-bopper couple that won't stop arguing about how the guy is cheating on the girl because he didn't tell her about some other girl that he talked to on the phone. (I don't care if he was cheating or not, you do not need to discuss this loudly on the subway.)

The award for the most awkward subway ride ever (so far). (This was caused by a couple that were one step away from making babies on the subway right in front of me and about 30 other people in that doomed car.)

The award for the quietest subway ride ever (so far). (This award goes out to all my late night amigos on the Coney Island Q train.)

For those of you who don't know, I am employed by Agata & Valentina, a fine Italian food market in the upper east side. I'm a security guard so I have a pretty boring job. It's actually extremely boring and I'm ok with that. It doesn't pay fantastic, but it's money and money is nice. I work pretty late into the night so my subway ride home (an hour long trip) is pretty quiet and filled with other late night workers just dreaming of home. My dreams stay dreams, though, until my wife gets home.

More about my sweet love. She is in Kuwait. I can tell everyone that. I do not know where she is right now. Her travel plans are pretty up in the air and the last time I talked to her was two days ago. It completely and utterly sucks and I'm ready for this to be over. Again.

That's about it for me so far. New York City is awesome. I heart homeless people with loud opinions. Working sucks, but it's work. It keeps me busy and money in my pocket. My wife is long way away from me and I miss her way too much. I'm ready for her to come home.

So, that's my life so far. I apologize for not posting very often, but I don't have internet yet so it's a pretty rare occasion I can get on.

Anyway, it's off to bed for me.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 11:19 PM [+] ::
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