Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Sunday, February 24, 2008 ::

MTA Rocks My Socks

Keeping 8 million people moving around NYC is definately no easy task. I would rather never have anything to do with the MTA except keep my MetroCard full of money. However, I'm sure that a few million customers have been less than pleased with their MTA experience. Granted, a few million have come to expect long delays during rush hour or the occasional switch from express to local and vice versa. While most of these are easy to oversee, my run in with the MTA last Wednesday is nothing to overlook.

Normally when I leave Manhattan (the west side at least) heading home I use the B-train or sometimes the Q-train. This particular night I started on the B and ended on the Q. No problem, right?

Yeah, except for the minor fact that my journey went from an hour to almost four hours and I also rode the F and C trains repeatedly.

It's quite a long winded story (for which my father and I are famous) but the jist is that the NYPD and the MTA closed a station on the B (and subsequently the Q) line so I had to find another means home. Unfortunately there are no other means except walking 30 blocks in Brooklyn at night alone and I would rather avoid those situations.

Now, I have only been living here for three weeks and I have had what I hope to be is the worst ever subway experience I'll have but common sense tells me different. However, like the few million people that live with the MTA instead of against it, I imagine my expectations will drop to a point where I become content with riding the subway crammed worse than sardines, with riding next to loud teenie-boppers and their 9th grade drama, and riding the subway with a couple making babies.
That last point will bring this post to a close. I have a few more "Subbies" to add.

1. The award for sexiest sounding conductor. (This male conductor preceded to whisper his announcements into the microphone as if he was persuading the train to strip naked for him.)

2. The award for best music in the subway. (At the uptown 4-5-6 platform at 14th street there is a woman that bangs a pot and wooden plank with a spoon in quite perfect rhythm. I have since discovered this woman has an accompanying "band" further down the platform. She still makes me laugh though.)

3. The award for most akward subway ride ever (and I am convinced forever). (The baby makers earn this award, AGAIN. I just can't express my horror for this. They were two steps away from making babies and step two was make babies. If it weren't grossly illegal, and gross for that matter, they would have commenced on the spot with their audience of 40 other subway riders who, like me, couldn't help but stare and gasp in horror. I do rightly believe that over 1000 gay babies were born on that train ride.)

This is just three weeks into my NYC adventure. I'm quite frightened at what the city still has in store for me, but like any other good horror/action/comedy movie I just want to plop down with a bowl of popcorn and keep watching.

God is good. All the time.

P.s. This post created while riding said MTA subway.

:: Ben 9:36 AM [+] ::
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