Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Tuesday, February 26, 2008 ::

Off without a hitch

Well, my day turned out to be what I had hoped: a day. Nothing exciting, nothing too boring. I managed to entertain myself all day by stalking random customers and talking with Mike the cheese guy. Orientation was just as expected. I don't feel any more oriented than the day I started, but it was nice of them to hold an event that dragged me out of the store for an hour and a half. Plus there were free cookies.

Nothing exciting in the trash today. There was a big pile of carrot shavings that I love to play in so that brightened my day. I'm even learning more spanish, but I think some words mi amigos are teaching me aren't so good.

So that was the rest of my day. Caught some woman drinking a coke and then not paying for it but video later showed she was with the boss so we figure he had something to do with it. Go figure right? He can do whatever he wants with the merchandise because he owns the place. Well, maybe if she had paid for that drink (and the countless others he throws away) he could afford a new box crusher so the porters won't have to crush boxes by hand. Or he can buy a new conveyor belt so they won't have to carry the crushed boxes up stairs by hand.

That's ok, though. As long as he has money to pay people to watch other people shop, I don't care. All I'm saying is that I don't get paid enough to get stabbed in the finger by thrown away shrimp pieces or have some dead fish stare at me while I check to make sure nothing is hidden in it's mouth.

Therefore, I am actively seeking a new job. Don't worry. I won't lose this job in the process; I'm just keeping an eye out for new oppurtunities. I have discovered that low skill computer technicians (those without degrees) get paid a lot more than those of us who dig through the trash looking inside dead fish.

I didn't mind the desk job in Oklahoma I used to have at all. I just hated my boss. Hate is a strong word but my feelings weren't ones of great sentiment. The job was pretty sweet and if the business wasn't going down the drain like it is, I might have gone back. I had quite a few friends there. But that is passed and now I'm living in the big city. Hopefully I can rely on that experience to score one of those low skill techology jobs.

I really need to re-learn how to tie a tie.

My day hasn't been all shining bubbles after all. I had to wait my normal time for the downtown 6 train but that gave me time to start this post. And so far the Q train isn't getting my hopes up. It's been quiet so far except the no legs homeless guy that beat his metal bucket on the ground so people would give him money. I was tempted at first until I remembered a David Blaine stunt where he did the same thing. I heard he netted a quarter of a million dollars.

It's better than the high school drum core that decided to practice in the 14th street station one night. Actually, as I'm typing, they have decided to start practicing again. This time the brass section has joined in the fun. Surprise surprise.

Well, I'm going to move on before I say something about the baby makers and next thing you know there is a delivery on my late night commute.

I could go on and on about the Angelina wanna be's because they will never go away. Well, at least until Britney Spears decides to shave her head and all the teenie boppers think butch cropped hair is cute.

Oh, wait.

At least I have a scenic subway ride. At one point the train pops out of the ground (I hear it every time) and rides over the Manhattan Brdige which is right next to the Brooklyn Bridge. So I get to look out the window at the city I longed to live in for so long and now actually do. I feel like Willy Wonka in the glass elevator as the train comes out of the tunnel going onto the bridge because there are lights on the wall then suddenly it looks like you are floating above the city. Just like when the kid pushes the button.

Well, it feels like it to me. Actually only late at night when I'm tired and already in a state of dreaminess. A lot of trippy things happen late at night in the underworld.

Home is nearing for me so I'm going to bring this to a close. It's life people. Nothing exciting. Unless you live in New York City.

God is good. All the time.

P.s. Once again I feel swooned by my favorite train conductor.

:: Ben 10:28 PM [+] ::
You need to change the weather thing from kubal to New York!
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