Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Monday, February 25, 2008 ::

Yams. Honestly

I don't get paid enough to dig through garbage but I definately get paid enough to sit and watch people shop. I even get to watch people steal and then do nothing about it. It's not because I'm a bad a security guard; it is for the fact that the owners are more paranoid about lawsuits than they are upholding people to the moral standards in which we should all live by.

I know it is hard for some people to comprehend the fact that even though the ten commandments were written on stone way back in the day they are still applicable. And I know that human nature in us all leads us to do things that aren't right sometimes, but that is no excuse. That's why we have laws. In Army basic training you are taught one simple principle, though few understand it.

There are four parts to any given task, Army or not.

1. Task. What to do. Simple.

2. Conditions. Environment surrounding task. Even simpler.

3. Standard. To what degree the task must be completed.

4. Consequences. This one always trips people up.

These days people seem to forget that consequences exist, and I totally understand why this is so. This world has become lax to enforcing rules because lawsuits and money are involved everywhere. Someone's job is threatened and we all have to eat. Plus this world is so politically correct that I think it is actually un-politically correct to say "politically correct." Race, gender, income are all thrown into arguments where they have no weight at all. I'm sure if I had stopped that woman that stole the yams she would have claimed harrassment or profiling. In all honesty, I had no idea this woman was in the store until I saw her skimping out the exit with her tasty treats in hand.

This anger isn't directed at just this woman and her yams. It's at the grape eaters and the soda drinkers. The turnstile jumpers and the swindlers. Everything seems petty but it all adds up to a very different world where small things are overlooked for the big catch. The question is how far do you let the limit slide? The manager that munches on a bean? The cheese guy that gives a larger sample to the pretty girl? The guy that robs a store just once? At some point you have to set a standard but in this politically correct baby world, setting a standard just causes more problems.

What can you do, though? The government is run by the dollar. The private industry is run by the dollar. Threaten that and you can do as you please. Use your horrible credit to get a sub-prime loan and then don't plan to pay for the adjustment. The worst that happens is the government and private industry bend and don't make you uphold your contract because foreclosure brings in a lot less money than a mortgage.. Is that fair?

In the words of my father: "Nothing is fair. It's life."

So why does half of the world choose to abide by the rules while the other half doesn't care one bit and skates through life a majority of the time. Some things in this world just don't make sense.

In the words of my father: "It's life; get over it."

All she had to do was pay the 10 bucks for the yams.

God is good. All the time.

P.s. This post also brought to you on the New York City MTA subway.

:: Ben 10:30 PM [+] ::
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