Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Sunday, March 16, 2008 ::

As you were

I found my thing to rant about for today and you can thank the lesbians sitting across from me on the subway for that. I ran into an interesting thing of unnaturalness this afternoon on my way to work.

Since when do 15 year olds become lesbians? Honestly, what are they teching in schools these days? When I was growing up, every year the school preached about using condoms when you have sex with a girl (this was to a class full of boys). There were no other options and life was good like that. How in the world do kids these days "realize" (cop out) they are lesbian (or gay for the male side)? I don't really want to know actually, I'm just appalled that this is happening. It's all due to political correctness these days. Pure crap.

If parents would be parents, quite a few of America's problems would be gone. Of course that's assuming a Utopia is possible and we all know that isn't happening. One good thing about gay and lesbian teenagers: no chance of them being parents themselves.

It's just ridiculous. I can't and don't want to understand it. I just hope when Ann and I are parents, we'll be good at our job and won't screw up and end up with flaming children of the corn.

I don't know where the corn came from.

And I just want to know what the school hours are in New York City. On my way to work at 12:30 or so, I see teenagers running around like little morons on crack. Why aren't these devils in their cages somewhere? I seriously saw a group of five or six devils standing in the middle of the sidewalk taunting pedestrians in the middle of the day (please excuse any and all misplaced modifiers). I just want to take a bat and beat them all. Rich kids are the worst. I can't say that. Even the kids that probay aren't rich but beebop around the city at midnight or so are also beyond annoying. Just teenagers are annoying.

I apologize if I was an annoying teenager. as they say, with age comes wisdom.

I'm done now.

God is good. All the time.

P.s. This post brought to on the Coney Island Q train of the ever infamous MTA New York City subway and my living room.

:: Ben 12:09 AM [+] ::
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