Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Friday, March 28, 2008 ::

Foiled again

My original intention was to write up a cool post full of pictures from they NY Auto Show and possibly post from the show floor. I mean, that would have been awesome. Almost on the verge of journalism, but I don't want anyone to think I'm changing my life plan again. Journalism would be fun but I just couldn't do it.

Anyway, I took pictures with my phone on the show floor (because somebody ate the cord for the actual camera) but I haven't figured out how to upload pictures to my site from my phone. It's going to require some research. It wouldn't be hard to do if someone would just write the software. I think Flickr and places like that support it, maybe. Not sure.

See, no go on journalism.

The auto show was awesome though. It was quite a few standard models you can buy at the local dealership, which of course is the purpose of a car show. But they also had quite a few concept cars (JEEP had an awesome one that looks like the warthog on Halo) and plenty of showcase cars. The car from the upcoming movie Speed Racer, a few other cars from various movies, some NICE Bentleys circa 1925, and even had one of the new military workhorses, the MRAP. There were two in Afghanistan. Sad number.

I was most excited about the car (the first car, not the sports car) from the Flintstones movie. That movie is Ann and mine's movie so it was nice to see that.

Jill got to sit in a Corvette (finally after fighting and losing to the crowd once) and one of the new Smart cars making their way over from Europe. The Smart car actually looked pretty amazing. Just perfect for two people in a big city.

I saw (and took a picture) of a mini Cooper for my mother, but didn't get inside for fear of breaking it and buying it. Not so much. We saw the new Ford Explorer which looked very sweet and slick. Quite a nice ride it seemed.

One of the more humorous parts of the day was watching the salespeople giving their schpeal about the car they were selling and no one was listening. They were paid to talk so they did. One guy actually stopped talking and started rapping. It was awesome.

So since I mentioned journalism, I have realized that my posts fall quite short of even amateur journalism, but that is ok because I just do this to keep everyone informed of my going abouts. And remind everyone of how much I love my amazing wife, but everyone knows that already.

Stay safe wherever you are, but remember to have fun.

God is good. All the time.

P.s. This post brought to you on the Manhattan / 57st Q and Uptown / Bronx 1 (express) trains.

:: Ben 12:24 PM [+] ::
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