Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Thursday, March 06, 2008 ::

The time has finally come

I'm not one to fight a battle that clearly has no positive ending for me, as you all may know. This does not make me lazy nor imply that I do not care. I just simply hate wasting my time and other's time in the process. (I understand this is a far cry from the days of my youth and some of you may be startled by my admittance of this fact.)

I have accepted the fact that my position at Agata & Valentina has a short time left in my life. Once the owners realize what myself, my co-workers and the customers all have already realized, I won't be employed there anymore. After three weeks of glares and harsh words ("You work here and you don't know where the canned beans are?!?") I have put the puzzle together.

All the customers hate me because they are paying 30 dollars a pound for salmon so that I can get paid to watch them shop. All my co-workers hate me because they are getting paid less than me (or the same in some instances) and do far more work than me. All the managers hate me because customers mistake me for them and I get asked questions I can't answer and have to forward the customers to the real managers who are angry by now because they are getting the run-around. And finally, the owners will hate me when they realize they pay me to alienate their emplyees to the point they want to steal and rip off the company as much as they can. That and I get paid on the premise that human nature isn't natural in everyone but I am powerless to stop or even confront the natureless.

This all came to me while I was delivering an old lady her groceries today. The manager tonight saw me just walking around aimlessly and decided my talents (english speaking and good looks) could better be used elsewhere. Apparently my job of securing the premises wasn't nearly as important as this lady getting her groceries. I surely didn't mind one bit. I got to go outside for a bit, I got to go outside for a bit, and I got to waste almost 30 minutes of my mind numbing day. 30 minutes used to sound like so little in time until I have started measuring my day in 5 minute increments. That trip killed six cycles in my mind.

Oh happy day.

My quest for another job has been feuled by this revelation definately. I am sending out more resumes and making some more phone calls. I'm leaning on the army job a little bit but not enough to get myself hurt. We'll see how things go. Right now I'm just enduring the mind numbing in hopes of someday jump starting that thing I have in my head. I suppose that's why I like posting on my way home from work. I'm able to spill out all the witty banter I have built up in my head throughout the day. No joke, store policy prohibits me making friends with any co-workers.

Oh happy day.

I'm not a huge friend maker but the army definately taught how to fix that. Living in New York City has fixed the other half. After three weeks I would say I have ten friends or so that I work with. Of course my horendous hours prevent me from chilling with these guys but that's ok. At least I know it's possible for me to make friends still.

Usually griping about the subway is a good conversation starter. That and sharing homeless encounters. There is always something every New Yorker can relate on.
Witiness aside I am enjoying living here still. I don't regret my decision to move and hopefully never will. And I would have never moved if I thought there was a chance of us not succeeding. I'm not being stubborn; I'm being persistant and everyone at home knows I get this from my father. You can thank him and my mother for everything. They are good parents and sometimes too good. They let their children run free through life without much of a leash. Tiff and I could do whatever we wanted as kids as long as we knew the outcome. Hence why Tiff spent 8 years in college and I'm in the army and living in New York City.

However, I would never change anything about my life, past or present. I'm married to an amazing woman (not to mention amazingly beautiful as well) and we have a great marriage. I have awesome stories to tell from my adventures and have aged too fast at times but it has been needed at others.

I didn't mean for this post to get all sappy. My commute is long so I have a long time to post and get someone (me) to start rambling, they'll never stop. I'm just proud of who I am and what I have become. I hope everyone at home knows this and knows that I love them and miss them dearly.

Well, Church Ave is approaching so I must bring this to a close. A few things before I go. No new Subbies lately. While there has been some awesome stuff, nothing has been too eye catching. I suppose I'm just getting used to it. I don't know what all has made the news or not so I'll throw in a little recap. A building collapsed in Harlem Monday; noone was killed but train life came to a standstill. I was thankfully undisturbed. A bomb blew up in Times Square this morning at around 4 AM. That's about all I know. That shows how much it affected life around here. None killed and no damage done.

I'm sure there is so much more going on. With 8 million people there is news every second, but it just doesn't travel around here fast. I knew more about New York City living in Oklahoma than I do living here. Go figure.

Oh happy day for me.

God is good. All the time.

P.s. This post brought to you on the infamous New York City MTA 6 and Q trains. I actually managed to avoid the debacle that I have come to name "Operation Frustrate the Newcomer" tonight.

:: Ben 10:44 PM [+] ::
Today was the first day I kind of missed New York and sensed its appeal. I had to go the grocery store, and I realized how boring and mundane it is to just hop in the car and go to WalMart. Where is my subway?! Where are those stupid posters hanging in the subway cars? Where are my corner markets with the fresh produce and smelly fish? Le sigh. Tulsa seems so boring now.
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