Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Monday, March 10, 2008 ::

Where have all the readers gone?

That would be more whimsical if it were read like you were singing the song. Oh well, that's what happens when you have a blog. Something is lost in the transmission.
But seriously, I don't get comments anymore. You guys used to write comments to me all the time and now I'm just left wondering if anyone reads this anymore. I guess that's my own fault for living a pretty mellow life and have nothing to really post about. Now that I'm living in the greatest city on the planet, I have enough material to post twice a day sometimes. And yet, I'm left to wonder.

I love subway advertisements. Some are catchy and others not so much. I found one of particular noting for tonight's post. It was an ad for a college that teaches English (or Engrish as Mattt refers to it) as a second language. The advertisers were even smart enough to think ahead and put "LEARN ENGLISH" in roughly 20 different languages, English itself included. However, the rest of the ad was entirely in English. Therefore, should someone see it and want more information, they will be completely lost from there with only a slight hope of learning anything.

Kinda sad and funny all in the same breath. I feel this is something my father would make mention of and I definately feel this is something my grandfather would laugh hysterically at. I can see into the future, people. I just have to look at my father and grandpa.

At least Ann knows what she is getting into. She finally met the old old man and realized that dad and I weren't joking when we said that our roots run deep in the family (I don't know if that was the right cliche). And at least we know what our son will be like: stubborn and it's useless to try to tell him anything.

Sidebar: No, mother and father, this is not my admittance that everything you have ever told me was entirely right; I'm just saying that you might have had some wisdom throughtout the years.

Anyway, I lost track of my thoughts again.

Work today was work. I'm trying to get people to call me Ben instead of "Security!" but my attemps seem to be futile. That's just how it goes. Mi Mexican amigos call me Benjamin (pronounced Benhamean) and that is ok with me. I just hope they aren't teaching me bad words for what I think are legit words. They wouldn't do that, though. They seem to like me. Mainly because I work instead of stand around like the old guy when it comes to trash time. I just suck it up and dive in and get the job done (I couldn't stand the smell any longer anyway) and occasionally crack a few jokes (tu madre es cabaza pollo).

That's a shout out to my loco pollo wifo.

I am exhausted tonight, though. I wasn't so much last night or any other night, but tonight I'm ready for bed. I think my body knows it gets two days of rest and it is ready to use it. I need to get my NYS driver's license and that task will take a whole day to complete. I'm afraid my job will use next Monday as one of my days off because I have to march in the parade (ooo, a PARADE!). They better not because I want two days off, not one day off and one day waking up at 4 in the morning to walk around in uncomfortable boots.

I lie, they are comfortable boots. They are broke in from a year's worth of walking around the Stan through all types of weather. Carl made me wear my winter boots when he would catch my toes soaked through from the snow. He reverted to his Infantry ways occasionally.

Once again Church Ave is fast approaching so I must get to closing this. Thankfully this has been a very quite ride (don't jinx it) and my headache has subsided a little. Once I'm home and I get some fluids in me, things will get better. My toast to two days off!

God is good. All the time.

P.s. This post brought to you mainly on the Brooklyn / Coney Island Q train because I was talking to a friend on the 6 and my wait at the 14th St platform wasn't long at all. Of the ever infamous New York City MTA (still haven't flipped the coin yet) subway.

P.s.s. I saw on the side of a bus today that they are called MTA New York City Bus. However, the subways just have a giant blue sign on them that says MTA so I am still at a lost point.

P.s.s.s. People are objects so according to your logic, father, I am still correct. However, I will refrain from showing my ignorance and try to be more politically correct (even though the thought makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.)

UPDATE: After finishing and posting this post, I decided to check and see if I am in fact not getting any comments. I was wrong. I have one on several posts. I deeply regret for not having the fore thought of checking this before ranting about it. Please forgive me. I used to get emails whenever I got comments, but that was on my Army email which I no longer check. Go figure, huh?

Once again, mucho apologies for those that may be offended by my blantant ignorance.

:: Ben 11:19 PM [+] ::

Yes we are still out in cyberspace listening to your words of wisdom

Old Man Walcutt
you really ought to look before you leap.
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