Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Thursday, April 17, 2008 ::

Asking pays off

In a city as large as New York City with so many people, there is quite a bit of free stuff scattered around the city. Free coffee at Starbucks for answering a trivia question (two weeks in a row thank you), free ice cream samples, or free movie tickets (don't go see The Ruins. Horrible movie. Like War of the Worlds horrible. And, of course, the main characters kill each other.)

Sometimes you have to ask, sometimes you just have to be at the right place at the right time. Today was a mixture.

Ranger ate my old flip-flops and since the weather is warming up here, I decided to buy some new ones. So Jill and I went to Old Navy on 18th St and 9th Ave. As we are walking there, we saw a huge line outside of a sporting goods store and me being the guy who loves parades and lines, I had to ask what it was for.

Free Yankers tickets.

Now, I am not a Yankers fan and neither is Jill. I still heart the Texas Rangers and won't trade my loyalty up; however, watching a good baseball game is pretty fun, even more so when the tickets are free, and this is the last season for The Yankee Stadium. So Jill and I walked past and went to the store. About 45 minutes later we left the store and saw that the line had got longer, but not too bad and we decided to wait and line and see what would happen. What could it hurt? The wait was only going to be an hour before they started giving away the tickets.

So we chatted with out fellow line waiters: a junior in college who likes the Mets but was getting tickets for her mom, a die hard Yankers fan who was willing to shank anyone who cut in line (Ann's hero) and a moderate amount of alcoholics (good fanbase Yankers).

The hour passed and we were shuffled through a door or three and around a fellow racks of clothing and then suddenly handed two sets of two (that's four total) free Indians vs. Yankers tickets for May 6. We were completely surprised and shocked. We figured our chances were far from good and were quite wrong. So now we have free tickets to a baseball game. Free stuff rocks.

Of course after that we watched the Red Sox beat the Yankers 7 - 5 at Yankee Stadium and rejoiced loudly. It's fun watching them get beat.

So that was my day. Yesterday was mainly watching tv and doing nothing. Tomorrow I'm going to start looking for college classes to enroll in. Some colleges here offer full year, enroll anytime online classes so I'll have to see how my luck goes. My unit said I don't have to wait six months and can start now so I'm going to take advantage. And the Army job is kinda in limbo right now so I'm going to start looking around for a regular job again and hope for a job at Gamestop or something. You never know. I'll probably wind up at Starbucks which I suppose is ok as long as it pays.

EMT classes start next month because they didn't offer any classes in the month of April and my unit already said the Guard will pay for that so I will be moving out smartly for that task shortly. I'm trying to get things settled again after my last job collapsed and the Army teased me with full time employment. Oh well.

Things are going good here. Just trying to live and survive. God's got my back so I'm not worried about that. My sweet sweet life is doing ok in Iraq. She is still counting down for when she comes home and everyday is one day closer. Soon she will be in my arms. They haven't been attacked lately but she has been swamped in paperwork so she is staying busy.

That's all from me tonight. I hope everyone at home is staying safe and sound and missing me. Take care everyone.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 10:26 PM [+] ::
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