Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Saturday, July 19, 2008 ::

As soon as I get it figured out

I figured out why I never post. I can't even understand the millions of thoughts that are bouncing around my head enough to figure out what is going on in life, let alone formulate a blog post. Even now, as I type, my mind is trying to figure out where life is headed and at the same time trying to figure out if I'm hungry. It's a scary place.

I just can't get any words to come to mind. There is so much going on, so much to talk about, but just not any way to get it out. And I need to get it out. My brain is going to explode, but everyone else is too busy with life to worry about my ramblings. I guess that's where a blog comes in handy, even if you can figure out words to put down.

There is just so much to learn in such a little amount of time. In about two months, people's lives will depend on how much I know and how well I can use my knowledge. That's slightly scary. When I did my ER rotation, my knowledge wasn't important to the care of the patient, but it was a test, a very real test, to see if I knew my stuff (and see if I could handle the sight of blood.) (yes, I can.) It wasn't a pass or fail but a wake up call. A chance to test my mettle (I hope I'm using that right). Thankfully I didn't freeze up when I saw the girl that got ran over by a motorcycle, the guy shot in the leg, the drunk that fell and busted his head open, or the girl that got sliced in the forehead and bled everywhere.

I don't know what I'm trying to say. There is seriously so much in there. So many diseases and symptoms and procedures to learn and memorize. Granted, I don't need to know the difference between Beck's Triad and Cushing's Triad as an EMT-B, but if it makes me a better EMT then I will do whatever it takes.

Just a chance to toot my own horn, Beck's Triad are signs of cardiac tamponade. They are narrowing pulse pressure, jugular vein distention, and distant heart sounds. Cushing's Triad are signs of intracranial pressure. They are abnormally high systolic pressure, slow weak pulse, and slow irregular respirations. How do I as an EMT fix either problem? Transport patient to hospital. How does knowing this stuff make me a better EMT? I can maybe save the ER staff a few vital seconds to treat the patient.

I just want to the best at whatever I do. I want to be a good EMT. I want to be a good American. I want to be a good husband.

I miss my wife. All this is bottled up in my head because my partner who listens to my nonsensical rambling is gone. I know she'll soon be home but not soon enough.

So here's another post to make those who wonder where my posts are happy. It may not make any sense. Heck, nothing makes sense to me right now. My brain is full. There is no more space. I'll get it figured out eventually. And when that happens, I'll probably forget to post for so long that it fills up again.

I apologize.

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