Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Friday, January 24, 2003 ::

Hello! I'm back, in chemistry. Yay. Woo joy. So right now I should be watching little green dots race around the screen pretending to be little gas molecules. Oh the excitement. OR, I should be studying for my History exam next hour. I REALLY should be doing that actually. It happens. OR, I SHOULD be taking two vocabulary tests here in chemistry because I need them. Well, I don't need them, I have to do them. Why? Goodspeed wants me to. Something about a grade. I scoff on your grades.

Me? I'm still unemployed. I'm torn on whether or not to go to McDonald's today and fill out an application. Oh McDonald's though? Doesn't sound too great. Actually, I know it isn't, but I really need a job. Really. REALLY! And I have a test in Trig that I don't understand. I understand the basics, but I don't understand the behind the scenes part of sine and cosine, the math of the devil. It happens. So I have to be studying right now. Am I going to? Probably not. Am I going to fail any of my classes? Nope.

I hope not.

I had a good day yesterday. Not too exciting, but it happens. Just a few study guides, laptops, and confusing conversations. Okay, that was confusing. I don't really remember much of yesterday anymore. Richard came over for awhile and we played a new game that he bought. It was very interesting. Oh the craziness. He left at about 7:30 and then I went and watched tv with my parents. Well, I sat there and fell asleep. Then I went into my room to play my guitar to keep me awake, and I broke the same string again that I broke Monday. Don't ask me how because I have no idea. Enough of that.

High school is one very large drama production. Except its not a production, these people aren't faking. Who's dating who, who broke up, "How long will THEY last?", you just don't know. Its very crazy. Plus prom is coming up. Who's going with whom, who's not going at all. Its very insane. Am I going to prom? I'm not sure. I asked Anne to go, but neither of us really like dances and such. I just wanted to get dressed up in a fancy tux and all. Oh well. I have to go now. Next class.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 8:56 AM [+] ::
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