Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Friday, February 28, 2003 ::

So we've had Riley for more than a year now. A year in January I think. However, she never really had any other doggy friends to play with. So about a month ago our neighbors got a stray and named it Midnight. She would come over and play with little Miss Riley. Oh boy, they had some interestingly fun times. I didn't think dogs could be lesbians, but I'm starting to rethink that. So Riley and Midnight, the couple of the neighborhood. So about two weeks ago, the neighbors down the other side of road picked up a stray or let their dog loose and he came to play also. Riley was a little unspayed and nobody wants puppies from little Rileypoo. I never wanted her in the first place, but what can I say? I would really miss the slobber and fleas.

Can you taste the sarcasm? So Riley had to stay inside which meant she couldn't play with the other two. So they ran around together and fell in love. Aw, ain't it sweet? Blah. Talk about your puppy love. So Riley of course got jealous of Midnight and Big Head Tod (the name of the other dog) (he really did have a big head, massive thing) and would try her hardest to get out and play. So this morning I was laying in bed about to get up and I saw Riley run by my window really fast. About two or three minutes later I saw mom chasing at her. Then I saw mom pushing and prodding Riley back to the house with Big Head Tod close behind. Come to find out, Riley made it out this morning and her and Tod got the hook up in a bad way. Not good. So dad was mad, mom was just worried, and I still don't care.

So dad and I come home after school and found out that Big Head Tod knocked down our fence to get to his monster, Riley. Dad wasn't too happy about that. He wanted to get his gun and go shoot Big Head Tod. Too bad he doesn't have bullets for it. Or could he figure out how to get the chamber open. It was a little funny. I managed to open it and dad went on his way to get bullets. Mmm....bullets. So Tiff didn't want poor Big Head Tod to die, so she conned me into helping her take him to the animal shelter. So we took some dog biscuits and threw some in Tiff's car to get Big Head Tod in there. He jumped right in and sat on the dog biscuits. Lets just say he was mad that he couldn't find them. So we sorta think we have a clue on where Big Head Tod is from and its down the road aways. So Tiff and I, plus Big Head Tod, drove down the road looking for some clue on where poor Big Head may live.

We pass a few houses that look like good candidates until Tiff saw a house with big dogs in it, kinda like Big Head. So shes like, "Should we stop and see if he belongs there?" Nah, we just headed on. So we drive by what we thought was the nice dog pound thing, but it turned out to be the city one, where they supposedly kill dogs everyday for fun, Tiff's words. So we call mom and try to figure out where the PAWS place is. She told us that she would try to find out and call us back. So on our way, we decided that we would head back by the big dog house. Yeah, good idea. So on our way, mom called and told us where Paws was. Well, this whole time, Big Head Tod is just chillin in the back seat with his head on the back seat looking out. Poor fella. He had this mucus thing going on with his eye and it looked like he was crying. Well, Tiff thought that. Looked like an infection to me, but I'm not a vet. Or a doctor. I use bandaids for bloody noses.

So we head back towards Paws, which is on the entire other side of town. It's about 4:45 now and Tiff wanted to go to the library at 6:00 and we still hadn't had dinner. So we get to the Paws place around 5:00 and we found out that it closed thirty minutes earlier. Dangit bubba. So now we had this strange dog in Tiff's car and nothing to do with it. Out of options we decided to take Big Head Tod to a spot around where we think he lives and drop him off. Now, some might think that we just dropped off a dog, but I like to think of it as WE SAVED HIS LIFE! He was going to die here because he's a dog and he didn't know that bumping uglies with Riley was bad. Poor thing. So we hoped that on his way back to our house he would see his own house and stay there or that his owners would see him and take him back in. Either way, he's not around here anymore. Well, for now that is.

I'm terribly happy. Boy howdy did I have a good day today. More like a fantastic day. One entirely fantastic days. Why was it so good? I have no idea. It just was. I did my homework for History in chemistry even though it wasn't due, I found out that my paper in History isn't due until tomorrow, one more day to procrastinate, Prudhomme proved himself wrong today in 3rd hour (i take pleasure in hearing him be wrong because my parents think i think i know everything, but they haven't med prudhomme), I got to draw pictures in German and Trig today, during sixth hour I emailed my adorable silly goose, in seventh hour we started watching the Patriot (good movie) and then I got to drive around with Tiff and Big Head Tod. So a fun day. And I got to hang out with Anne and her family at her house. They're so fun to watch. All the wrestling and such. Man they are rough. I miss wrestling with Anne, we had so much fun. The best part was that it was just wrestling, her beating up on me, me trying not to hurt her, nothing else. Oh such much fun. It brought us closer together I feel. My opinion though.

So they wrestled while I watched little baby Ethan struggle to run out and wrestle with him. Now Ethan is one cute kid. He's so funny and he's only like 6 months old (i'm so wrong on that, i can't rmemeber how old he is). Then we went to Cheryl's and I helped (more like sat and made stupid comments) Anne do her homework. So fun coming up with ideas to draw on her English notecards. Such weird little drawings. Too much treble, or did they debase it?

(Cheese warning) So after awhile Anne looked so precious sitting there concentrating on her work that I just had to give her one big hug. How could I resist such a wonderful silly goose? So we just sat there, on the couch, hugging again. Funny, that's how our silly gooseness all started. Sitting, hugging, on the couch. Hmm...funny also that was three months ago. Yep, three mere little months. We've been silly geese that long? Hard to believe. Time flies when you're having fun. We've our ups, we've had our downs, thankfully our downs haven't been with each other, we haven't fought once. One of us gets depressed or sick and the other one is there to be with the other one. Nevermind, I should probably put down the cheese.

Nope, I'm not going to. Come on, we have so much fun together when we laugh, when we just act goofy with Heather, when we jump around in circles singing Father Abraham in Cheryl's living room. When we go skating together. What teenage couple do you know that goes skating at the skating rink? Sits and eats chocolate in the Wal-mart parking lot? Can't successfully plan a date and has to wing it everytime? Come on, we are cool. Everybody else is just lagging behind.

So, enough of that. Not really, I could rant about Anne for days, but the good Lord has her beat by a few years. Oh my, God is so good. We sin, act like fools, live our lives the way we want, and all we have to do is just ask for forgiveness, turn from our wicked ways and he'll heal our land. That's it. Sinning is inevitable, but as long as we desire to stop sinning and control the things we can and we know that God is God and that our lives and our breath depends on him and his love, we're all set. Man, God is good. We are such fools, such sinners, but God loves us so much that he never leaves us. While we sin he has arms wide open waiting for us to come crawling back to him. And we do have to crawl, I mean, I do. On my knees, begging for forgivness. It takes humbleness to know that you are a sinner and you are wrong. A pure heart knows its weaknesses and its time to bow. Oh, God is so good. If only my heart could be as pure and as holy as God wants it to be. If only we weren't all sinners.

God is good, though. He is amazingly good. We sin, he forgives; we live, he lets us live; we breathe, he puts that breath in us. Yay God. I must be heading off to bed now. I hope this all made sense and if I didn't I hope you will ask me to rephrase it or explain anything I've said. I realized just now that its midnight and I usually just ramble off without noticing what I'm saying. My brain kicks into high gear and just starts spitting out phrases, but my mouth and my hands just can't keep up. As I was saying, off to bed. I have a big day coming up tomorrow. School, homework, and a silly goose that never gets annoyed by me. It's a challenge, I think, now. Okay, nevermind. So, off to bed. Off to bed I said. Or, well, I have to write a paper for History class. So it looks like bedtime will pull around, two, maybe three in the morning. Or not. I'll just write it in chemistry. Okay. Off to bed.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 12:11 AM [+] ::
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