Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Tuesday, May 27, 2003 ::

Oh my. If only you could be in my head right now and see all my thoughts. It would be entirely insane. Just crazy.

I have had a good day. See, to pay for insurance I have to do lawn work. Chop up weeds and such. Well, today I worked for 5 hours because there wasn't much else to do. Talk to God, but I did anyway. Much goodness. I have insurance paid for and made some extra money. It happens. So, hmm....five hours of work. It kept me busy. Now, also Anne helped make my day extra good in many a way. First, this morning she called to say hello and wish me a good day. And she also told me that she loves me. A very rare, but very lovely thing from Anne. Much goodness. I knew then that I had to see her sometime today.

So I did my work, toughed it out, and quit around 3:30ish. I sat around and I called Anne to tell her that I was going to whisk her away tonight. But Heather said that Travis wanted to hang out tonight with us. Super, okay. Let's go. Heather didn't want to hang out with Travis because it would be awkward. Okay, fine, tell Travis no and it would be Heather, Anne, and I. But Heather didn't want to upset Travis, so she didn't call him until they (the girls) came up with a plan. In this time, Travis called me wondering if I wanted to hang out. But he also wanted to talk about Heather and his problems. Super, okay, but I get the point after the 3rd time he's mentioned that she ignores him. Get over it and ignore her. Finally I told him that I was going to hang out with Anne and that I couldn't hang out with him or Heather and I was going to call Anne. It worked, he left me alone.

Then I called Anne. I know, its confusing. It gets worse. Heather answered and told me that she wouldn't go without Miranda and Morgan. See, earlier I told Heather that I didn't care who hung out with who as long as I was with Anne. So now she saying that she wouldn't go without the others and I was just wondering, where did that come from? So Heather explained that she wasn't going to hang out with just Anne, Travis and me because it would be weird. I didn't care, do whatever, I just want Anne. So I walked out into the living room with my family and explained what was going on. I started with, I CAN'T DO IT ANYMORE!!! I was referring to being diplomatic. Talk to Travis, play helper to Heather. It was crazy and I didn't like it. So they told me to just go and get Anne and bring her back to the house since everything was closed. Okay, sounded like a plan.

A few seconds later, Anne called and told me that it was just going to be me and her. Answered prayer right there. So I went and got Anne and brought her home. We talked with my parents a little and then they went to bed. Now, that's the end of all the confusingness. Now this is where my day picked up. Anne and I sat on the couch together and held hands. She had both her hands on mine, one holding and the other was on top, sorta holding. It was so sweet. Then we played with our hands and such and watched a psychic show explaining how they did it. You get the point.

Am I going too fast? If so, stop me.

After that we watched a movie and Anne used me as a pillow and a back scratcher. Its in the job description so I didn't complain. The movie was good, we watched I Spy. Good movie. Then after it was over Tiff went to bed, so it was just Anne and I. She looked at me (she had her back to me so I could scratch it) and then rolled over and faced me. She put her arm around my side and laid her head on my chest. Oh it was so precious. Reminded me of when we first started going out six months ago. Can you believe it? Six months.

See, back then we were sitting on the couch and she had her arm drapped across my stomach and I had my arm around her and we sat on the couch together until 4 or so in the morning. It was precious then also. This time she looked so peaceful. So amazingly beautiful. And when I looked down at her, I saw my future. I can't explain it. I saw my future with Anne. All her beauty and loviliness. She was just so...Anne. I wanted to kiss her, but I didn't. Don't ask why. I don't know. But I saw God's plan. Or so I hope. Anne. I pray that God puts us together. I pray that God gets me passed this hour.

Speaking of, I must be shoving off. All this talk and I barely mentioned God. Why? Because we haven't talked and I have pushed him out of my day enough already. Don't forget the Lord or you will be lost forever. Remember him and you will be forever blessed.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 1:47 AM [+] ::
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