Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Tuesday, July 22, 2003 ::

Oh it has been a long time since I posted last. Almost a month. Boy howdy, thats a long time. What has happened since then? A lot. Too much to post. I'd have to think up everything all over again. Like Falls Creek, oh my that could take a while to think up. First off it was a 6 hour trip because the van kept breaking down, again. We did stop off at peachtree junction again, but it wasn't as memory inducing as I hoped it would have been. That's where I met Anne, by the way. It was a fun hot week. I didn't expect to spend a lot of the week with Anne, but I did. Not that I'm complaining. We prayed over the tabernacle on Wednesday, every seat, it was long. We prayed straight for an hour. It was very intense. Man alive, God is good.

It was hot. Not too bad, but a little balmy. I wanted it to rain, but it didn't. On Thursday Anne and I walked around outside our cabin picking up trash. It was dirty and long, but fun. I got close to a few of the other guys. Like Joseph and Travis and especially Eric. He looks to me as some kind of mentor I think. He said that he gave his life to God and that he was going to be a youth minister. So JD and Danny talked to him and hes doing good. The week went by quite fast. I went to the special services class and learned some good things about how to live for God and to be an example as a minister. Very neat. Heather surrendered to missions and I'm actually thinking about a mission trip next summer to Rome. And the summer after that I'm planning, good Lord be willing with all my plans, to go on summer missions with the BGCO somewhere all summer to serve. You never know, but I can't wait to see what is going to happen.

Anne had a good week and she surrendered her life to God in a whole new way that is unexplainable. She also went to Kiamichi, a young people's camp, and she had fun there, supposedly. Its an experience to deal with that many pre-teens and their pre-teen drama. I missed her a lot. More than I thought I would. But its okay, she's back now. I wish I could take her on a date, but there's nowhere to go around here and all the movies are crap. It happens. Someday, or something. Oh well.

Well, I still have my job, surprisingly. Over a month now and I still dread going to work. Making all those sandwiches and such. Oh it is so long and boring and tiring. But its worth it when I get that paycheck that gets to get signed over to my father for insurance. Commie.

ANNE'S BIRTHDAY IS AUGUST 4TH!!!! I'm getting her legos for her birthday. Yeah, its cheesy, but legos are fun. Plus I think my mom is going to let me give her my mom's promise ring that my dad gave her when they started dating. Sort of a legend thing. I like the idea.

I think I'm done posting for now. I'm going to watch some tv and eat something for breakfast. Have fun in cyberworld.

God is good.

:: Ben 11:21 AM [+] ::
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