Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Thursday, October 02, 2003 ::

I understand physics.

Work was interesting today. Quite a bit beyond a hoot, but not a hoot and a half. I almost got yelled at, except the woman who was going to yell at me already made herself look like a fool and the girls were laughing at her as it was. I guess she saw no point.

I got bit a spider sometime on Tuesday. My arm was swollen pretty bad Wednesday morning, but I wasn't worried. That night the doctor figured I should take some medicine. Benadryl was mom's choice. I went to church, had fun leading worship and got horribly sick. I came home early and mom was tempted to take me to the emergency room. It was a very familiar experience, quite like the time the spider bit me in 4th grade. It happens.

So I left Annikins quite harshly last night because I was horribly sick and I felt so bad all day. I just wanted to go to her and hug her and make sure everything was alright. But I didn't get to. Tomorrow. Maybe.

I'm tired, but its okay.

I have the biggest, most important test tomorrow in Calculus. Its my chance to redeem myself as a good student. So I should be studying. Hmm.. Yeah.

Friends are nice to have. They cheer you up, make you smile. Agree with you when you're wrong. Gasp when you're right. Its all good. Silly geese are even better. They agree when you're wrong, gasp when you're right, and turn every situation into one that makes you feel all warm inside.

TV sucks. I'm typing this slowly over several minutes as I watch SCRUBS. I might as well do this tomorrow. There's not much left to talk about. God is good. All the time. What is there left to say?

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 10:22 PM [+] ::
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