Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Sunday, November 28, 2004 ::

Sorry that I haven't posted in a few days. I kinda took a vacation. I don't know why I say kinda, I mean, it was a vacation. Anne and I went to Arizona with her parents to see Anne's sister Amy. Jack, Amy's husband, joined the Air Force about a few months before I joined the Army and he is stationed in Arizona so went to see them for Thanksgiving.

We left Wednesday morning and got back yesterday morning. Yep, an very short trip. Twenty-nine hours up there, twenty-four hours back. Whatd'ya know?

Of course, the trip up was quite a hoot. Twenty-nine hours in a "freezing ashtray on wheels" as Anne put it. The heater on Anne's parent's car broke and they were smoking the whole time. All that added together makes for quite a story. But the best part is that Anne and I got a great deal of cuddling time huddled up in the back seat wrapped up in blankets. :)

Then on the ride back, Anne and I rode back with Jack's parents in their big truck. But even though it is very large, it was still cramped in the back seat of that because we had Anne's (my future) nephew's also. So we spent quite a few hours in the back of the truck cuddled up in blankets riding back. Yes, it was a little bit colder (34 degrees), but as long as I am with Anne, I don't care how cold.

Anyway, Amy made a very delicious Thanksgiving dinner and talking with Jack about Basic training was very enjoyable. Then Anne and I played football against Jack and his brother Mike for a few hours. That was a hoot and a half. We lost of course, but it was fun.

After we got back yesterday, Anne and I took our showers and then ate lunch. Afterwards we took a nap because we hadn't had much sleep in the last few days being on such long car rides. Then we woke up and ate dinner along with getting our invitations ready to be handed out. The invitations to our wedding of course, which is in 19 days (not that we're counting)

So my week was fun being with Anne and her family even though I did my miss my family. It was fun being with her, but it was different being away from home for my first holiday. Of course there are more to come because I'll be married. Can't be everywhere at one time.

Well, I think I'm going to go to bed now. I'm tired and just out of stuff to say I guess.

Goodnight, cyberworld.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 10:46 PM [+] ::
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