Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Thursday, March 17, 2005 ::

Rumor is that this is Saint Patrick's day. Rumor is that you get to pinch anyone that does not have green on. I don't have green on. Oh well, you can't pinch me anyway.

It is Spring Break here in good ole Oklahoma. However, I still have an assignment due tomorrow in my MacroEconomics class. Yay. I got a letter from my VA advisor that states my GPA is 0.00. Now how in the world is that. Even though I don't go all the time, I do attend my classes some time. I have turned in a few on time assignments. So I KNOW that I do not have a 0.00. Stupid colleges. What have I gotten into? I should've just waited until Anne got back and we could go together and maybe not work by living off the government and student loans. Sounds all peachy keen, but nothing ever works like it should.

So I decided I would start college now to get some classes out of the way. Boy was I retarded. I haven't any classes out the way and in fact, I think I may have created more. It seems that if my 0.00 GPA stands (I don't know why its there and I don't know why it would stand) then I will have to take remedial classes next semester. This I do not understand. I took AP History, I wanted to take government and politics, but they didn't want to make a class for just four students..., I was in Calculus, programming class, and I did quite well in my English class. I don't believe that I need 'remedial' classes. That's pretty dumb if you ask me. But what do I know? I need 'remedial' classes.

My mother has a new job now. She left her old one on Tuesday. It was pretty rough there so she just left. However, she already has this new job lined up so it wasn't so drastic. She likes this new job, even though she's only been there two days. Mom claims that the new doctor she is working for is paying her to shuffle paperwork around. More like complaining. Why? I don't know.

Dad and Tiffany are in Tunica right now blowing away endless amounts of money. They even roped in Tiffany's friend Michelle. Yep, bunch of gamblers. Here they are burning money practically while Anne and I are too poor to even buy toothpaste. We have to pay for the new engine. I guess that's how life goes. You're poor. Get over it.

But maybe God has a plan for this. Well, I know he does. Anne said that it is teaching her patience because she can't just get up and go somewhere. She has to wait for people to carry her around. I think she has learned her lesson. I'm ready for the poor gal to get back on the road and enjoy her freedom.

Anyway, so we have a dead engine, broke out the bum, but our room is clean. The bookshelves are aligned tallest to shortest, our pajamas are arranged by color, our closet was color-coded, but I don't believe it is anymore. So good times in the married life. We still live with my parents (dreadful thing it is) but hopefully we'll be moved out sometime in the not so distant future. It appears as if we may be living there until Anne gets back from training in October. That way we can move together and it won't be so hard. Plus I won't be AS lonely while she's gone. But of course there will be plenty for me to do working everyday and such. It will give me a chance to catch up at work with the late hours and such and hang out my boss. He asks me to go to lunch with him every now and then but I have to decline because I'm going with my wife. Then I will be able to say, "Sure. Nothing better to do."

Is that offensive? I don't really know.

I mean, if there is nothing better to do... It's better than saying, "I guess I can spend a few moments of my time on your pathetic soul."

My friend's sister, Mandy, is writing a paper about a man that joins the Army and writes home to his mother. She is curious as to what this ole boy might experience. Of course, who does she turn to but the one that noone thought would have chance in the Army. ME! So my next post will be all about the Army experience and whatnot. I'll be posting that this afternoon. I've been typing this off and on all morning now.

Anyway, good times in Ben's life.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 9:39 AM [+] ::
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